License is EXPENSE, Not Income

QUESTION: Sir John, I want to earn money in real estate. Kailangan ba ako kumuha ng license?

ANSWER: Dalawa lang naman yan eh, either you EARN or you SPEND. EARN or SPEND. EARN or SPEND. Those two will determine if you make profit or loss. My dear, LICENSE is under the category of SPEND, and it is very expensive to maintain a license (lalo na pag PHILRES ang Interim AIPO). Kung gusto mo lang magkaroon ng PRC Card, magpa license ka, but that won't guarrantee that you will earn. In fact, the moment you show to the buyers that you have a PRC Card, they will get scared because of the general perception that Brokers are "gahaman middleman". So, remember, LICENSE is an EXPENSE ITEM.


QUESTION: Sir John, I already have a Broker License, but I have no office yet. Part-time ko lang kasi ang pagiging Broker. Bakit wala akong na close na transaction?

ANSWER: You have a license, but no office. In short, you are an opportunistic FLY-BY-NIGHT. We are advocating against fly-by-nights because it is a hazzard to consumers. Useless yang license mo pag hindi mo kaya mag maintain ng office.

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W. Home said...

Having a license may mean something like authority in the real estate market. Yeah, in some sort, it could just be an expense. But, of course what matters mostly is how you deal with your clients. We should not be very stereotypical when it comes to real estate agents. A lot of agents who has their real estate license has good feedback from their clients/customers. It might be just an expense, but in the long run, if you know how to use and deal on your chosen career well, you might be seeing success at the end of the road.