Innovative idea for developers

QUESTION: Sir John, my family is just a small time builder and developer. We find landowners and we build townhouses and sell it on a profit sharing scheme. We have many agents who are unlicensed and we are personally "close" to them. We can't afford getting Brokers, nor the cost of Salesperson Seminars. Can you help us?

ANSWER: Yes. You can elevate the relationship from Legal Contract to TRUST RELATIONSHIP. Call a meeting, invite all your agents. You scrap that traditional Real Estate Agent Contract that you have with your agents. Tell them "NO MORE AGENT-TO-OWNER PAPERWORK, IF THEY REFER BUYERS, THEY GET OUT-OF-THE POCKET GRATUITIES". Walang kasulatan, walang obligahan, walang kortehan sa commission, pero dapat mapagkatiwalaan ka na talagang nagbibigay ka ng gratuities. Referral Agents are opportunists, they are very effective buyer hunters, and without paperwork they will stay with you forever as long na hindi ka nambubukol.

Yang mga fliers na pinamimigay ng Agents mo, ilagay mo Name and Contact mo as the FSBO (FOR SALE BY OWNER) of the properties. Huwag mo ilagay ang name/contact ng agent kasi violation yan pag walang license yang agent na yan. Ang ilagay mo sa likod, ganito:

Contac : Mr. NICK TAN (FSBO), Tel 1234567. Refered by: NAME OF FLIERGIRL.

Kapag ganyan nakasulat sa likod ng flier, hindi yan violation. Hindi kailangan ng PRC Broker of Salesperson license para mamigay ng flier, para mag lagay ng bnillboard, and mag establish ng website, basta klaro lang na ang contact person ay ang FSBO. Remember ha, FSBOs are exempted from PRC licensing. Pag may tumawag sayo, tanungin mo kung papano nya nalaman na may binibenta ka, titingnan nya ang flier nandyan naman ang pangalan ng FlierGirl mo. Basta huwag mo tablahin ang FlierGirl when it comes to gratuity pag kumita ka nyan.


RA 9646 SEC. 28. Exemptions from the Acts Constituting the Practice of Real Estate Service. The provisions of this Act and its rules and regulations shall not apply to the following: (A) Any person, natural or judicial, who shall directly p...erform by himself/herself the acts mentioned in Section 3 hereof with reference to HIS/HER or ITS OWN PROPERTY, except real estate developers;

(D) Any person who is duly constituted attorney-in-fact for purposes of sale, mortgage, lease or exchange, or other similar contracts of real estate, WITHOUT REQUIRING any form of compensation or remuneration;

FSBO, pasok dyan sa Sec 28A. REFERRAL AGENTS pasok dyan sa Sec 28D.


QUESTION: Sir John, paano po masabi na ang isang builder ay FSBO or DEVELOPER?

ANSWER: Lahat na Developer ay FSBO. Pero hindi lahat na FSBO ay Developer. Kapag listed yang builder na yan sa HLURB, Developer yan. Developers are governed by PD957, the law that creates the HLURB. Pag hindi listed sa HLURB, FSBO lang yan, exempted yan sa RESA Law.

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