This agent don't need to register in PRC

QUESTION: Sir John, I am a retired teacher, an AVON saleslady, and a colorum agent. I refer potential buyers to a Broker, and the broker does the salestalk and I get my 1/3 share of the commission. In all these, I have no written agreement with the Broker. The Broker says there is a new law and he wants me to get a Salesperson Seminar and get a PRC Registration. He said I will pay for the expenses of the Seminar and Registration. I can't afford the expenses. What will I do?

ANSWER: You are not "selling" real estate. You are just a buyer headhunter and a referral agent, you don't do salestalks about the properties being sold by that Broker, you are not part of the negotiations, you are not a sub-agent, and technically you neither represent that Broker, so for you I would say no need for PRC Registration. If that Broker will force you to get a Salesperson Seminar, let him pay for it, it's his idea to formally employ you under his structure.

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