Opportunity for under board Architects

QUESTION: Sir John, I will soon be inheriting a small-size Development Company (with 3 Subdivision Projects) established by my dad. My girlfriend is a licensed Broker and she is the only broker in our company. She works in our office some 5 kilometers from project sites and impossible to directly supervise Salespersons on site. What will I do?

ANSWER: I suggest you EMPLOY three PROJECT PRESENTERS, one in each project site. Project Presenters are experts in explaining aspect about specific project. Project Presenters are not part of the commission structure, but they get paid salary whether the Company makes a sale or not.

Project Presenters are a specialized function of just presenting the project to anyone, whether a prospective buyer, an investor, agents who are seeking accreditation. Project Presenters are normally under-board civil engineers, architects, and interior designers.

Project Presenters are not SELLING, not SALESPERSONS, no need for license. Buyers are advised by the Project Presenter to go to your girlfriend's office to meet up with the salesperson and broker. This is the new trend now, especially that there are agents in the internet who need project-site support of Project Presenters.

Many developers are increasingly employing Project Presenters.There are expensive houses for sale wherein the owner is busy and he wants to be a For-Sale-By-Owner (FSBO). The FSBO hires Property Presenter and pays on a daily basis to man the open house.

A competitive Project Presenter must know how to professionally develop a video presentation of the project or property that can be uploaded in the internet.

In terms of customer satisfaction, a broker/salesperson who presents the project can never outmatch the Specialized Project Presenter because the latter is an "expert" of the project because he's been doing the presentation repeatedly hundreds to times. Besides, Project Presenters are usually good-looking people.

Magka-iba ang Sales Presentation sa Project/Property Presentation. Sales Presentation is Project Presentation PLUS trying to close a sale transaction, make the buyer sign-up to sale contract obligation or reservation. Project Presentation is just plain simple presentation.

Explaining the amortization options, explaining the terms and conditions of the Contract to Sell, and explaining Maceda Law to the buyer is part of the Sales Presentation, but not part of the Property Presentation.

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