PhilRES is in the wrong side of history



ANSWER: IPORESP is legal because (1) it is formed primarily as peoples initiative to comply with the genuine integration mandate of RA 9646, (2) the RA 9646 allows RESPs to join Association, and (3) the Phil Constitution guarantees the Right to Assembly. Baka lasing ka lang. Perhaps you would like think over your question and revise it, "is IPORESP registered in SEC"? Then my answer would be NO, IPORESP is not yet registered in the SEC because only the Board of Directors who are genuinely spproved by the entire membership of the IPORESP have the moral duty to register IPORESP in SEC. IPORESP right now already has over 600 sign-ups and following the correct procedure, we have an obligation to register in SEC in the right time.

By the way, Mr. Sevilla, how's PhilRES? Is your membership increasing? Umabot na ba kayo sa 50 members? If you and your handful cohorts think that you are better intellectual decision makers than the over 600 licensed RESPs who sign-up with IPORESP, nagkakamali kayo. PhilRES is only an APO, but not an AIPO becaise you have no "I", which means INTEGRATION. You claim to be NATIONAL Organization with less than 50 members, Mr. Sevilla, THAT IS A FRAUD!

PhilRES will die a natural embarassing death, like a shop that will be forced to close because it has no customers, no clients, no members. And this will be a horrifying part of your experience that I will ALWAYS use as part of my talks in the future as reminder to everyone to always respect the DEMOCRACY of the RESPs. Mr. Sevilla, you are on the wrong side of history. "Huwag tularan yung ginawa nila ni Sevilla noong araw" - yan ang thema ng maririnig palagi ng mga kabataan sa future.


Names will be written in the history of the Integrated Professional Organization of Real Estate Service Practitioners (IPORESP). The history book is our greatest legacy to the future generation. Those people in the PRB-RES who twisted the law and those presumptious people behind PhilRES will surely be in the wrong side of history. There is no remedy when a bad note is attached to your name. "Siya pala yun" ang ibubulong ng mga fellows natin pag nakita ka nila, lalo na pag nasa entablado ka naka-upo. Pag ikaw ay garapata, ikaw ang iisipin nilang dahilan pag sila ay na-iinis sa kalakaran sa sector natin. Pinag-uusapan na kayo ngayon ng mga tao, marami nag eemail sa akin, napakarami nag-susumbong, may mga pangalan silang binabanggit na ayaw nila, mga pangalang eto ay karamihan nandyan sa PhilRES at meron din sa PRB-RES. Ang momentum ng destruction ng mga pangalan ninyo ay nagiging intense habang tumatagal kayo dyan sa kinalalagyan ninyong tronong ginawa ninyo para sa sarili ninyo. But you still have time to stop what you are doing and lie low.


It is time that you all review the cost-benefit ratio of your membership with your Associations. It is also time that you read again the Program Platform of IPORESP so you will know the benefits you will get from IPORESP. When IPORESP become AIPO, it can provide all the services of any Association that ever existed. Redundancy of membership is just a waste of money. Ang IPORESP, sumisirit pataas ang pag-multiply ng members. All the other existing organizations are stagnant in terms of membership growth, yung iba bumulusok, yung iba bigla na lang nag-disappear. So, we, IPORESP, are banking on this successful momentum. Let's just maintain speed, time will come, ang IPORESP na ang dominant. Regarding PhilRES, I am already ignoring stories about them because it's size of less than 50 is really not worth the time to read. We are not participating in any PhilRES activity, but let's enjoy watching its dramatic sinking when its presumptuous players conducts/postpones election because of an empty room.


SEVILLA: "...... I am not willing to perform any acts inconsistent with the provisions of PhilRES New By Laws and more so, I am not willing to jeopardize my professional integrity and face any actions and face possible prosecution for Not fully implementing the New By Laws of PhilRES ......"

PETALCORIN: "Incorrigibility po yan. Mag-isa ka lang gumawa nyang mali-mali na By-Laws tapos ayaw mo ipa-edit sa mga automatic members. Intellectual arrogance po yang pinapakita mong ugali. In short, tapos na usapan, bahala ka mag-isa dyan sa PhilRES mo."

IPORESP continues to grow. The wind, although sometimes strong and sometimes soft, never stopped blowing to our favor. We are fast appraching 700 IPORESP members. Our slogan is consistent. Our platform is consistent. Our By-laws is consistent. Our leadership is consistent. These are signs that we are building an organization with a very stable foundation. The IPORESP Website is at http://iporesp.org

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