Signal on IPORESP-PAREB Consolidation

If IPORESP and PAREB will officially merge today, it can represent more or less 50% of the RESPs and is already a satisfactory genuine integration.

PHILRES can never satisfy the integration if it is alone, or even if either PAREB or IPORESP will join them. Only the CONSOLIDATION of IPORESP and PAREB can satisfy the requirement for Genuine Integration.

Assuming IPORESP and PAREB will consolidate, we have to make a decision as to whether we integrate to a readily PRC-approved APO PHILRES or we submit a new APO application.

Integrating in PhilRES is like a decision to acquire a second-hand house, renovate it to fit our preference, but we will have headaches because the few ghosts who currently reside in the house will refuse to have it renovated, plus another chaos is the conflict of preferences of three parties (PhilRES, PAREB, IPORESP) will collide in the process of renovation.

On the other hand, a New APO Application will be like acquiring a brand new house, and the design will not be chaotic because only two parties will talk about it under the parameter that IPORESP admits the truth that PAREB is still the dominant group in the merger.

Nevertheless, it must be clear that the following are non-negotiable demands of IPORESP:

1. The name of the AIPO will be AIPORESP, to be consistent with the RA 9646.

2. Membership Fee is ZERO if possible, but if not, then it must not exceed the conventional fees of other professions -- P500/year, which will basically include the following package services:

2.1. PRESSUMED GOOD STANDING. ALL RESP must be presumed in good standing until convicted guilty. Certificate of Good Standing will not be required during renewal of license (just like any other profession), but the AIPORESP must submit a NEGATIVE LIST (list of suspended and expelled members) to the PRC in a timely manner. If a person is in the negative list, the PRC will not renew the license until clearance. No person will be included in the negative list for reason of non-payment of AIPORESP Membership Fee because the reason will be too shallow to deprive the person's opportunity to make a living.

2.2. ONLINE DIRECTORY. AIPORESP shall maintain a Directory of Members following the data specification of Section 22 of IPORESP. No AIPORESP Board of Directors and Officers shall be identified in the online directory as Board of Directors and Officers to avoid false-impression-effect to the consumers and clients that these persons are "better" compared to the ordinary members. For the same reason as avoiding unfair competition and undue advantage, the Directors and Officers are also prohibitted to show their designation/ranks in AIPORESP in their advertisements, calling cards, and other promotion materials in the course of practice of profession.

3. FULL IMPLEMENTATION OF RESA LAW. The minimum educational requirement of Salespersons is completion of 2nd Year College, NO IF and BUTS. Supervision of, which includes the right to provide training to, the Salespersons, shall exclusively belong to the discretion of the respective Broker; not the PRB-RES, not the AIPORESP. The Broker can provide the training himself or he may farm it out to external training providers. However, only 16 hours Salesperson Seminar shall be required to cover the following TOPICS: (1) RESA LAW, (2) MACEDA LAW, (3) PD957 and IRR, (4) BIR Rules on Professional Taxation. Additional trainings for Salespersons is to be determined EXCLUSIVELY by the Broker to meet the specific need of his/her operations.

4. ENCOURAGE VOLUNTEERISM. Those who want to serve must be accommodated. There should be no need to conduct election if the interested volunteer for the position has no contender. ALL IPORESP 3-BOTs and 60-OFFICERS shall maintain the post that they volunteered and were already appointed to -- this is non-negotiable. Officers of Associations must be discouraged to hold a second post in AIPORESP to avoid conflict of interest between AIPORESP and their Original Association. Remember, as officer of AIPORESP, you represent the ALL/ENTIRE RESPs including those who are not members of your Associations.

I would allow IPORESP By-Laws to be used as initial working paper to be improved by the IPORESP-PAREB Joint Working Group. To be fair, kung gustohin ng PAREB, I will not join and intervene in the joint working group, ang BOTs lang and Policy Directors of IPORESP will join.


Florezil Canoy Agujetas: Now this is a very good move for both IPORESP and PAREB. I hope my friends from PAREB-CEREB will take this into heart and we can begin inital exploratory talks. ;-)

Henry Canasa: Working on it.

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