On Developers' Websites and Brokers Accreditation

I love referring my clients to various Developers’ Projects, and I frequently receive emails from Developers, they are recruiting/inviting me to join their pool of external Brokers, saying I am entitled to a percentage commission if I refer buyers to them.

The problem is, when I check on a developer’s website, I normally get irked by the mechanism of their CONTACT tab. If the inquiry form (phone number or email address of website) does not ask who their broker is, the Broker would not get the credit of the referral, and call it SALES LEADS THEFT. When I see Developers' websites like this, their invitation automatically goes to the trash right away. It is useless to promote a Developer's Project if the inquiry form in their website does not require the prospective buyer to enter my name and license number so I will have a procuring cause on the sales leads.

If you are a developer, you should make your inquiry form in your website in a manner described below to make it more attractive for Brokers to promote:

EMAIL: ___
PHONE: ___

*Required Field

Of course, if the prospective buyer puts MY NAME as the Broker in the inquiry form, the leads information must go to MY EMAIL and never to anyone else. If the customer knows no Broker, the email form must be able to show a drop-down list of Licensed Brokers (including their city-location) the customer can choose from.

All Brokers feel the same way, we want DIGNITY that we deserve. Licensed Brokers should not be inconvenienced by the bureaucracy of the Developer just to be recognized as an accredited agent of the Developer. Accreditation should be automatic. As licensed Brokers, it is sufficient for Developers to just inform us through email that we are automatically accredited.


Napaka simple ang gusto ng mga Brokers na process para tanggapin namin ang alok ng isang Developer. Below are our common preference.

1. Email the Broker, informing the broker that he/she is automatically accredited. Ask for an appointment in the Broker's Office.

2. Send someone to the Broker's office. Give the Broker a CD or USB containing JPG Files of your Projects. In the CD, the broker should be able to see one project per one folder. Each folder contains separate file of the JPG pix and separate file for marketing description in .TXT or MSWord.

3. The Broker would also appreciate a nice Picture of your Project(s) in A4 Photo Frame so the Broker can put it on their office's wall.

4. Bring a Pre-approved Accreditation Certificate in A4 Photo Frame so the Broker can hang it on his/her wall.

5. Bring someone who is willing to become PRC- and HLURB-Registered Salesperson under the Broker's license. The new Salesperson will work for the Broker to exclusively SPECIALIZE in marketing the Projects of the Developer. Isang tao lang ang dahin para maging Salesperson ha, kasi Brokers need to accommodate other Developers, and maximum ng Broker ay 20 Salespersons lang.

6. I don't need to repeat that issue about how you should make your inquiry form in your websites.

Good luck!

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