Exams after 25 Oct 2011 may be invalid and void from the beginning

The RA 9646 has explicitly and directly ordered the PRB-RES-PRC to make the graduation of the 4-year course BS Real Estate Management as part of the requirement for taking the Licensure Exam AFTER 25 October 2011, the date when CHED approved the Policies Standards and Guidelines for Bachelor of Science in Real Estate Management (refer to CHED MEMO 28 Series of 2011 and its Table of Course Specifications).

RESA Section 14, Paragraph B, says: "...Provided, that as soon as a course leading to Bachelor’s Degree in Real Estate Service is implemented by the CHED, the Board shall make this course a requirement for taking the licensure examination".

At the moment, considering majority of IPORESP members are CHARTER MEMBERS (covered by RESA grandfather clause, no exam required), IPORESP will move that the registrations of those who pass the exam after 25 Oct 2011 will be downgraded to SALESPERSONS.

The power of DEMOCRACY is the only "possible" way IPORESP will not move for the invalidation of all license of those who pass on exams conducted after 25 Oct 2011. WHen I say DEMOCRACY, I mean NUMBERS of IPORESP members who belong to that questionable group. Their only hope to hold on to those license is by JOINING IPORESP and participating in the democratic process from within.


There is such a thing we call "VOID FROM THE BEGINNING" that applies in the same manner in Real Estate Service Licensing.

For analogy purpose, Let me give you an example in the case of Marriage Certificates. Mr. Steve Dundie, an American Citizen is currently married to another American Citizen named Mrs. Lilibeth Lee Lundie since year 2007. Steve went to Philippines in 2009, mis-declared his marital status, and was able to marry a Filipina named Liza De Guzman. There is a law in Philippines that disallow subsequent marriage when the present marriage is not yet dissolved. Mr. Steve Dundie and Liza De Guzman may be able to get married in front of the priest and/or judge, and may even be able to Genuine Marriage Certificate from the church, local civil registrar, and national statistics office; however, any institution, organization, or individual have all the right to refuse to honor such Lundie-DeGuzman marriage certificate because it is void from the beginning as it is acquired through fraud and deceit. For instance, if Liza De Guzman will file for a Dependent Spouse Benefit Claim in U.S. Social Security or any other insurance, her claim will surely be denied on grounds that marriage is void from the beginning.

Hindi porke may PRC License Certificate ang tao or plastic card ang tao na ng PRC na Broker siya, eh i-honor na agad yan ng mga nakaka-alam (after due-diligence) na nag exam siya after 25 October 2011 despite the fact na wala siyang natapos na 4-Year course BS Real Estate Management. Section 14B is a basis for others to consider your license as VOID FROM THE BEGINNING.

QUESTION: Sir John, according to PRB-RES until there is no graduate of BS REM, they will continue conducting exams using the 120 credit hours requirement.

ANSWER: PRB-RES' act of continuing the conduct of exams after October 2011 is a clear negligence of their duty to implement the RA 9646. First and foremost, it is very clear that PRB-RES is mandated by RA 9646 that BS-REM shall be a requirement for the exam when the CHED approved the curriculum. Secondly, if that is how they (PRB-RES) will twist the law, then for sure no one will take the course of BS-REM, and no CHED-accredited School would venture to offer a 4-Year BS REM Course. Why would a rational person study for four years to comply with the requirement of the licensing exam if he/she can just get the alternative 15-days short course?


Chelsey said...

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mitchell said...

sir : but its up to the PRB-RES so decide on this matter right?alam ba ng mga board ang ginagawa nila? para bang iba-iba ang interpretation ng LAW...sabi daw, until such time na wala pang nag graduate sa BS-REM, tuloy pa rin yung 120credit hours...

mitchell said...

sir ; according to PRB-RES, until na wala pa daw nag graduate sa BS-REM, tuloy pa rin daw ang 120credit hours for the board exam.

susana trinidad said...

Sir, I think its in the interpretation of the words "until the course...is implemented...". Ibig sabihin, ang kurso ay naisakatuparan na. Ang tanong: kelan ito naisakatuparan na? Simple. Natupad na kung may nakatapos na ng kurso. Di pa naman pwedeng sabihin na naimplement na ng CHED ang kurso kung outline palang ng course curriculum ang nailalabas. Kailangan mapatupad nya ito o maimplement nya ito. At paano mo masasabi na naimplement na kung plano palang at iniimplement palang. Remember ang salita ay hindi by the time CHED is implementing the course. Ang sabi implemented na. Ibig sabihin, may resulta na. May nakatapos na ng course. Kaya ang mga exams na binibigay ng PRC ay valid, not void.


The ched curclm implementation onset date is oct 2011. Graduation of first batch is just a future outcome as a result of onset of implementation.

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