Legal Basis to Repeal CPE

The first time I read Real Estate Service Act of 2009 (RA 9646) in June of 2009, I was struck with the provision on the requirement of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) in license renewal. If I remember it right, while I was still working in Congress, the Sec. 20. of REPUBLIC ACT NO. 8981 THE PRC MODERNIZATION ACT OF 2000 of December 2000 has a Repealing Clause that says "...insofar as it requires completion of the requirements of the Continuing Professional Education (CPE) as a condition for the renewal of the license are hereby REPEALED."

In short, for your info, after the PRC Modernization in 2000, sa lahat na professions, tinanggal na yang CPE as a requirement for renewal of license.

Personally, I have this feeling that the CPE might be a good requirement for renewal of license, but it is so prone to fraud, corruption, abuse, money making, and it is even one of the reasons why AIPO of Real Estate was hijcaked by PhilRES (pangwarta ang motibo). Besides, I don't think PRC is ready to hire at least 50 permanent staff whose only workload is to monitor the conduct of CPE of some over 20,000 RESPs to ensure that there is no fraud. Ako, mahaba ang patience ko, from the beginning alam ko na weak yang hanap-buhay ng PhilRES at mga Associations na kumikita ng pera sa CPE, that is why IPORESP used to try to advocate reduction of CPE costs by 90% para naman mabuhay ang mga CPE providers. Pero pag sumosobra na talaga etong mga CPE providers sa pag sabotahe ng AIPO Formation, talagang mapipilitan tayo to level-up IPORESP advocacy to REPEALING THE CPE as a condition for renewal of license.

In this post, I am just saying that the CPE provision in RA 9646 can be REPEALED and IPORESP MAY POSSIBLY lobby for it. So, for the PhilRES and other CPE-Providers, consider this a gun of IPORESP pointed at you. Huwag nyo akong subukan. Pag hindi kayo mag integrate sa IPORESP talagang ipa-REPEAL ko yang CPE.

Repealing the CPE is the most viable of all the reforms. It can be easily justified. Unfair naman na tayo na nga ang pinaka-impoverished na profession sa dami ng colorum, tapos tayo lang ang profession na papatawan ng CPE requirement in license renewal na napaka-mahal ang gastos. At present, IPORESP is already drafting a letter to Department of Justice (DOJ) to seek assistance in investigating how the PRB-RES came up with excessive CPE hours in Resolution 11, and to seek assistance in repealing the CPE as a requirement for license renewal in harmony with PRC Modernization Act of 2000. A separate letter will also be sent to the Supreme Court to get a restraining order against the Resolution 11 of PRB-RES. With this signal, any person in his right mind will not spend for CPE knowing that its repeal is already in the pipeline.

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