Status of Ombudsman case on Sec 14B

RA 9646 SECTION 14. "Qualifications for Applicants for Examination (B) A holder of relevant bachelor’s degree from a state university or college, or other educational institution duly recognized by CHED: Provided, that AS SOON AS a course leading to Bachelor’s Degree in Real Estate Service is implemented by the CHED, the Board shall make this course a requirement for taking the licensure examination".

NOTE that CHED implemented the Course last October 2011, so the examinees after October 2011 should already be required to have graduated the 4-year course BS Real Estate Management. But the PRB-RES have not implement the explicit ORDER of Section 14B, then we have no choice but to file NEGLIGENCE RESULTING TO WASTE OF GOVERNMENT RESOURCES in the proper forum. Last 31 May 2012, I have filed a complaint in Ombudsman against the PRB-RES on negligence of duty, irregularity of conducting examination. Filing of Complaint received by Ombudsman with Reference No. C-2012-06-0160. The respondents are PRB-RES.

It's already approaching 6 months and no hearing yet. So I sent a follow-up to Ombudsman today.


Anonymous said...

I am Engr. Polcomar P. Canonce of LGU Barugo my email ad is cats_eye0422@yahoo.com.ph

My comment to this is that if the CHED has really implemented that last 2011 then perhaps my questions are;

1. It will take 4 years starting from 2011 to have a pioneer graduates with that course say by year 2015.

2. So what will happen now while PRC is still awaiting for those who are about to graduate?

3. Do we have an inventory of existing colleges and universities who have adequate number of enrolees?If yes, will the number be sufficient to really impose sec 14b without prejudice to those who can have practice real estate services from other related courses?

4. What is the IRR for Sec14b? Can it not expressly allow those under allied courses and those who have Master's Degree in Land administration and Management to take Real Estate Exam for promotion purposes in those who are in government service like that of the LGU Assessment Offices?
We will have a long backlog in the assessment department because under CSC MC No. 20 Series 2012 Qualifications Standards of Assessor and Appraiser Positions qualifications set must have RA 1080 eligibility RE: real Estate Licensure Exam.

Rltr. John R. Petalcorin said...

- Yes. At the very least 4 years assuming there is a single student today who will graduate on time.

- PRC will still be PRC. Nothing will happen to them. They can schedule exam, but must not lower the qualification set by law – examinees must be graduates of 4yr BS REM. If no one will qualify, then the exam room is empty – we expect the empty room to happen at the minimum in the next 4 years.

- We don’t care to know what university offers BS REM because we are already licensed Brokers – but maybe CHED have that information. The onset of implementation of Sec 14B is not based on number of students or graduates, but the onset is based on the condition that as soon as the CHED curriculum is implemented, the completion of BS REM becomes a requirement for taking the exam. The 14B prejudices non graduates of BS Real Estate – that is THE LAW. Any party who feel prejudiced may file a legislative agenda in PRC for PRC to forward it to Congress and Senate. As COnvenor of IPORESP, with me is a long list of Legislative Agenda, and despite urgency, my position is that the law will apply while the law is not amended. Do you want to hurry the Legislative Agenda? If yes, then you sign-up in IPORESP. Frankly, if you will not sign-up in IPORESP, we will not be able to sympathise with you, and we will block and oppose your legislative agenda-- if we are not allies, then we are oponents.

- For Government positions, Sec 33 will apply, “Within three (3) years from the effectivity of this Act, all existing and proposed positions in the local and national governments, whether career, permanent temporary or contractual, and primarily requiring the services of a real estate service practitioner, shall be filled only by registered and licensed real estate service practitioners.” Onset of implementation of Sec 33 would be July 29, 2012.

- We are aware of the recruitment backlog in government service that require license real estate practitioners. The solution is simple. Let your Human Resource Department do their job. Advertise the vacant position or get a list and address of licensed Brokers and Appraisers in PRC and send them invitation for the job. We have a lot of jobless licensed Brokers and Appraisers, more than enough to fill in your recruitment backlog. I myself is a JOBLESS LICENSED BROKER -- wanna hire me?