Knee-Jerk Response to PRC Invitation

This is regarding the invitation for IPORESP to attend the meeting of the various Associations to amend the By-Laws of PhilRES.

We are not interested about that meeting because the same people have done that meeting a million times already. I would suggest they READ and READ and READ again RA 9646 and remove the SELFISH INTERESTS in their hearts before they show a nerve to invite me in any meeting. I will not come to a meeting only to TEACH RA 9646, unless they pay me per hour of my attendance.

Manzala said matatagalan nanaman daw bago maka buo ng bagong AIPO, so they will just bend the PRC rules and remake the PhilRES? She is wrong and someone must tell her she is damn straight WRONG. She just said that because she is puzzled too and have not read RA 9646, just like the rest.

We guarantee that as long as PRC will not red-tape the IPORESP formal letter and will just treat us FAIRLY following the standard rules and regulations of PRC, a new and better AIPO will be formed before the end of December. Next week, 12 Nov 2012 Monday, I will bring my formal letter to PRC to be received by the office of Chairperson Manzala.

For everyone, whether you are an officer of an Association or a barbarian (no Association), there is only ONE GATE into AIPORESP and the gate is you have to SIGN-UP first in IPORESP.ORG

Akala nyo nung nabasa nyo na ang Draft By-Laws ng IPORESP ehh pwede nyo na i-paraphrase at i-apply sa PHILRES? You are damn wrong and you will face infringement of intellectual property for such act. And remember, that is a DRAFT, so CAVEAT EMPTOR, maybe it is a TRAP. So don't be confident about it. A DRAFT BY-LAWS is 1,000 kilometers behind the FINAL BY-LAWS of IPORESP.

Where is the FINAL BY-LAWS of IPORESP? Wait lang, it will become a OFFICIAL PUBLIC DOCUMENT that you can request a copy from SEC.

2009-2012 hinayaan ko lang yang mga yan sumandok diretso sa kaldero. Ang dami-dami nila versus ako lang mag-isa. Three years ang timeframe nila na i-form yang AIPO. Ngayong PALPAK ksila, mahiya naman sana sila at itigil na nila yang kaka-attempt gumawa ng AIPO. IT'S OVER! Sobrang tagal na nang paghihintay ng mga RESP ng pagbabago, walang nangyari sa pamumuno nila! Tapos mag meeting nanaman sila sa 14 Nov, HINDI NA NAHIYA, ANG KAKAPAL NG MUKHA, AT ISASAMA PA AKO! The advocates of full implementation of RA 9646 will prevail over those who wants to bend it for selfish interest.

IPORESP is coming in. Just watch how smooth our docking maneuver will be.

Kapag ako ma high-blood, SIGE HAYAAN KO NANAMAN YAN SILA FOR THE NEXT 3 YEARS. I can wait.

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