The REALTOR Colonial Mentality Stigma

Remember PAREB? PAREB used to retail the Realtor copyright, that's how they have grown, and that's also the reason why REBAP created its own faction because REBAP was claiming that the PAREB's use of Realtor was "colonial mentality". So REBAP created its own prefix that they call CRB. But things change this past four years. PAREB lost the right to retail the Realtor trademark, REBAP gave away the CRB to National Association of Realtors of America, thinking they can use Realtor here in Philippines. But the issue with the Realtor is that it is a FOREIGN collective mark, based in USA, and it cannot operate here in the Philippines without existing Foreign Reciprocity Agreement between USA and Philippines.
So now, the question is, with the membership fee that these members of PAREB and REBAP pays to their association, what do they get in return? None! Their membership fee is just an ignition of many more fees charged to them as a member. Kawawa mga members nila taga-bayad ng convention at pang occupy ng floor habang sila nasa stage; atsaka mga calling card pa ng mga yan nakasulat mga ranggo sa association to make an impression sa mga clients/customers that they are "better" brokers compared to the rest; atsaka mga members bayad ng CPE habang ang officials ay kumikita sa CPE at nag earn pa ng CPE units kahit meeting lang ng association ang inattendan.
So this explains why PAREB and REBAP are barely holding on to the last string of their existence. They hold on to their swords like old warriors with pride and dignity, but they shrink in numbers. Everyone, with or without association, are into IPORESP now!

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