QUESTION: Sir John, who are the APPROPRIATE persons who have the right to alter the By-Laws of PhilRES? Can external bodies like members of PRB-RES and representatives of other Associations participate in REVISING the By-Laws of PhilRES?

ANSWER: Just refer to what the PhilRES By-Laws says. Normally, in almost all organizations, the By-Laws can only be revised through a process of a National Assembly of its General Membership. The By-Laws are commitments and obligations of the organization that is being PROTECTED by SEC. No Organizational By-Laws can be revised by an external body. Only the General Membership of PhilRES can revise its by-laws in a democratic process.

So it is STUPID when they ask me to join a the council that will revise the PhilRES By-Laws because I have nothing to do with PhilRES, I am not part of it. Very stupid are those those non-PhilRES persons who thought of wanting to revise PhilRES By-Laws. They should read this paragraph.

You see, no way out for PhilRES, but straight to DESTRUCTION kasi no choice ang PRC but to cancel their APO Accreditation kasi hindi na meet ang requirements eh since the beginning until the end. Matagal ko na sinasabi eto. Noon pa man, I already saw the events that unfold now. I had visions. Believe it or not.

Sabi ko, INTEGRATE FIRST before accreditation. Ako lang mag-isa nagsasabi, pinagkaisahan nila ako ang dami nila ayaw maniwala, so tingnan mo ngayon, we WASTED three years kasi nag give way tayo sa kanila ehwe waited patiently. Now it is our time naman, tayo na dominant ngayon because we integrated. Accomplished na tayo sa Integration, so the next thing is Accreditation na. Maging sports naman sana sila, parang basketball, its our turn to dribble the ball and take a shot, pwede sila mag guard pero bola natin eto this time.


Willy Segovia said...

Hello John P.
Read your comments about Phil-RES which is "bound for destruction."
Perhaps those who are trying to suggest changes in the Phil-RES bylaws are just well-meaning people who want to help ease the birth pains of integration. Your insights are good and if you can help, why not? Integration is a good idea, it does not necessarily mean assimilation of all the other existing groups. It simply means creating an umbrella for advocacy, networking, etc. which will be good for all. Please come back and share your insights!
- Willy Segovia


I only have one message for other groups. IPORESP is dominant now and will become more dominant everyday. Joining IPORESP is FREE and it only takes 2 minutes to complete the IPORESP online form. Once you are in IPORESP, you will notice LAW and ORDER in the purest sense, everyone is behave seated waiting for the food to be distributed equally on the table. Unlike in other groups, walang bastos na patay-gutom sa IPORESP na dumederetso sa kaldero para sumandok ng pansariling interest.