PRC has strong stand but weak reasons in ordering postponement of PhilRES Election

IPORESP will become APO in the future, just like PHILRES. And I don't like it when PRC shows unnecessary force and inappropriate administrative dictation over the internal affairs of any APO, especially if there is nothing illegal in the activity of the APO (such as conduct of election). IPORESP will be the first to object if the grounds for reprimand or disaccreditation of PhilRES is based on such a WEAK reason of non compliance to PRC's advisory on election postponement. However If PRC will cancel PHILRES accreditation certificate based on its failure to provide proof of 50% membership, then PRC will have a solid legal basis and is just doing the right thing, no objection from our end.

By the way, perhaps PRC Chairperson Manzala forgot that it was PRC that reviewed and adjudicated the approval of PhilRES By-Laws way back a year ago. So, it's not about the by-laws, it is all about the ELECTION, perhaps they want a non-PhilRES to infiltrate and rule PhilRES. If I were PhilRES, I will simply ignore the letter of Manzala until she can prove that the revision of Phil-RES By-Laws will guarantee that IPORESP (who holds the dominant share of the RESPs now) will join PhilRES.

For everyone's information, IPORESP will NEVER join PhilRES because of conflict of interest. While the people behind PhilRES wants to cannibalize the RESPs with their CPEs and Seminars, IPORESP advocates reduction of CPE Costs if not Repeal the CPE as a condition for renewal of professional license.

Regarding PAREB's lobby to insert a provision in PhilRES By-Laws that will self-restrict PhilRES from forming chapters, I consider it an absurd idea from an association that is competition-coward. CHAPTERING is part of the right of local RESPs to organize. There is no legal, moral, rational, nor strategic reason to put a provision that restricts Chaptering in the By-Laws of any APO or AIPO.

Speaking of numbers, the WILL of IPORESP is the WILL OF THE MAJORITY. Even if you add up the members of PHILRES, PAREB, REBAP, and other associations, they will be outmatched by the number of IPORESP, and I will prove this using public data of membership list when IPORESP registers in SEC.

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