Welcome to IPORESP. Joining the IPORESP FB Group will enable you to read postings that are in line with the mandate to integrate in the Integrated Professional Organization of Real Estate Service Practitioners (IPORESP) per Section 34 of the Real Estate Service Act (RA 9646 or RESA Law of 2009). But joining this FB Group is not enough, you should sign-up quickly using the IPORESP Online Integration Form (Paperless) to complete the integration process. We actually have to Two Types of IPORESP integration Form, the paperless and the paper form. The paperless form is a hassle-free form. The paper form has a special option where you can indicate if you want to just be a Confidential Member (for whatever reason you have).

This IPORESP FB Group started in 2009 and is dedicated for broadcasting information and advocacy for genuine AIPO Formation purposes. At present, we, IPORESP, already hold the dominant share of the over-all number of PRC-Registered real estate service professionals, yet, we still continue to reach out to our fellow RESPs who are not yet aware of our integration.

Below are the IPORESP Advocacies.

Those advocacies listed in the image above is not all that there is in IPORESP. We have many more high-impact advocacies such as reduction of Professional Bond (RESA Sec 26) from the now excessive amount of P20,000, down to the traditional DTI amount of P5,000, or much better if we can REPEAL it to conform with the other professions. We also have the most widely-consulted input in the drafting of Code of Ethics and Responsibilities (RESA Sec 35), advocacy for PRC to release Directory of Real Estate Service Practitioners (RESA Sec 22), advocacy for timely implementation of onset date of the BS Real Estate Service requirement in licensure exam (RESA Sec 14B), advocacy timely implementation of provision that requires government position to be filled with licensed RESPs (RESA Sec 30), advocacy for reduction of Salesperson Seminar hours from 120 to 16 (RESA Sec 31), and many many more exciting advocacies that are consistent with RESA RA 9646 that we can ALL benefit from.

Once you complete the IPORESP Online Membership Form (don't worry, it's absolutely free) you are automatically included as among the supporters of the IPORESP advocacies. The more we are, the merrier, the stronger our advocacy.

Speaking out of experience, carrying out a serious advocacy at the front-line is very nasty, risky, and sometimes bloody. The front-line is not for the inexperienced and faint-hearted. In terms of numbers, we are dominant, hence we are a force to reckon with. In terms of endurance through time, we can outlast them because we are generally younger and we have supporters who supply my favorite coffee endlessly (with cream pa). Most of all, we trust God to help us through the storm.

To ensure that all supporters are in a risk-free position, I have committed myself and my machinery to be the one at the front-line to represent all supporters of the IPORESP advocacies; but I expect that all supporters at the back-end must do their share of the workload in recruiting more and more supporters. Ako na bahala mag represent sa ating lahat para hindi na kayo ma-abala makipag-bunong-braso sa mga kinauukulan. As one anonymous texter said, "I can sleep well at night assured that IPORESP leadership faithfully advocates the common interest of the small RESPs like me. I sign-up in IPORESP, I remained silent, and just let IPORESP do the fighting that I can't do. IPORESP is THE BEST!"

Please be informed also that our advocacies have oppositions, we have enemies, mainly from groups who want to make us a milking cow. We call these opponents as the Garapata, coined from the tagalog word for ticks (blood suckers). You can easily detect them because they hate the advocacy-leaders of IPORESP, and their mouth smells bad, if not sealed, whenever you ask their position on IPORESP advocacies. To make it simplier for you to be forewarned, I will tell you frankly who these groups are, we have in the list are PHILRES, PAREB, REBAP, and CREBA, etc who are controlled by the usual mafias/trapos in the Real Estate Service for the past two decades. Remember, it is IPORESP vs OTHERS. Marami kayong makikita nga mga grupo grupo dyan, mga luma at iba mga bagong sulpot. Pero dalawang spirit lang yang naglalaban -- IPORESP vs OTHERS. Ang mission ng IPORESP ay to decrease your expenses of getting and maintaining your license. The mission of the OTHERS is to satisfy their selfish interest to make money from you via excessive Salesperson Seminar hours, excessive CPE hours, excessive Memebership Fees, excessive Professional Bonds, unecessary sale of Certificates of Good Standing. While IPORESP struggles to push its demands for TIMELY implementation, through issuance of PRC ADVISORY, on the ANTI-COLORUM DRIVE, ONSET OF 4-YR BS REM AS REQUIREMENT FOR EXAM, and other lawful advocacies, the other groups are lobbying for DELAY of implementation so they can continue raking in ill-gotten profits that are being bled out of the sweat and blood of hard-working and license-loving real estate practitioners.

By the way, in IPORESP we want all our members to be followers and leaders simultaneously so that there will be balance in their social development. We would be very happy to know if you want to hone your leadership skills in IPORESP. We have many IPORESP Chapters/Clusters and many IPORESP Director Positions you can choose from. It's very easy to get appointed to a Director position. We encourage everyone to become leaders. We won't treat you less if you are newbie in the real estate service sector. We guarantee, we will quickly appoint ALL who are willing to lead. You will be asked to choose from the different Director positions when you complete the IPORESP Online Membership Form.

As of 8 November 2012, we already have sufficient number to become one of the PRC-Accredited Professional Organizations (APO). Hence, we have formally started our application for accreditation in PRC and SEC, in consistent with existing rules, regulations, and laws governing our profession. After we get our APO status, we will then proceed with presenting our long list of thousands of members so we can get the AIPO certification and we can then change our group name from IPORESP to AIPORESP.

While we are still in the pipeline of the formation process, please populate your cluster and chapter by inviting at least ten of our fellow-real estate practitioners to join IPORESP and don't forget to assist them in completing the IPORESP Online Membership Form

Our official communication medium for AIPO Formation purpose is at http://www.facebook.com/groups/IPORESP

Lastly, please be informed also that IPORESP is the one and only gateway to becoming a member of http://RealterSociety.Org, the registry that owns the patented Realter and Rltr professional titles for real estate service practitioners worldwide.

Maraming salamat.

Truly yours,

Rltr. John R. Petalcorin
Lead Convenor and Organizer, IPORESP.ORG

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