The direction of the wind is now on the side of IPORESP

(1) IPO-PHIL already approved the copyright registration of the Realter and Rltr Servicemarks, the professional titles that can only be availed by RESPs who are integrated in IPORESP.

(2) IPORESP By-Laws and Articles of Incorporation will soon be transmitted to PRC for their perusal, for the purpose of AIPO-application purposes (this is step 2 of the AIPO Formation Process).

(3) IPORESP Charter Members and Automatic Members are now in sufficient number to register in SEC as a Non-stock Non-profit Professional Organization.

(4) IPORESP remains true to its word since the beginning, (a) we have automatic membership, no joining fee, no monthly dues, no annual dues, (b) we have a decisive plan to reduce CPE costs by 90% that will reduce everybody's cost of doing business; (c) we have a solid anti-colorum pronouncements and we advocate full implementation of RA 9646 without any reservation; (d) our leadership position is open to all service-oriented volunteers, officership appointments are granted without any question; and (e) we adhere to genuine integration for all without any form of discrimination nor favoritism nor cronyism.


To accommodate the persistent push of IPORESP Officers, and for the greatest benefit of everybody, I will humbly present the IPORESP By-Laws to the PRC Commissioner and the Chairman of the PRB-RES as soon as possible for comment, before we formally submit our interest to get PRC accreditation.

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