The IPORESP anti-discrimination policy

IPORESP By-Laws. Section 3.1. IPORESP upholds the principle of equal opportunity for membership and officership. IPORESP does not discriminate membership applicants, nor clients and customers, in terms of gender, age, religion, ethnic origin, and political affiliation.

Maraming taga PAREB and REBAP and PHILRES na SOBRANG BOBO TALAGA as in SOBRANG SOBRA na hindi nakaka-intindi ng anti-discrimination rule that is being adhered to by all decent organizations and institutions all over the world. Ang mga eto ay tinanong, bakit hindi pa kayo nag sign up sa IPORESP? Sagot nila, kasi sabi ng mga leaders namin sa association, MNLF daw at MUSLIM daw si Petalcorin.

The discrimination on Religion and Political Affiliation was not only offensive, but a show of extreme IGNORANCE. So I said, good, at least we know that we are destined to win because the foundation of the opponent is on sand (ignorance) and not on rock (knowledge).

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