Yes. IPORESP is dominant at the national level, so we "pressume" that we are also dominant at the local level.

Nevertheless, we know that there will be other Associations that will co-exist with IPORESP Chapters at the local level. In the event the number of members of other Association at the local chapter will become greater than the number of IPORESP members in that same locality, IPORESP members in that locality will be encouraged to join-in and merge with the dominant Association. IPORESP will not mind if one of its local chapters will be named after the dominant Association, as long as that particular Association holds a PRC Certificate as an APO.

Kung walang APO Certification ang dominant association sa local level, for sure I will extend my arm and money, grab them by the neck, and use whatever force is necessary to bring them to PRC so they will get their APO Certificate.

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