Agents' rule of thumb in selecting a developer

QUESTION: Rltr. John, I am a PRC– and HLURB– registered real estate salesperson. I want to try project selling, preferably condominium. My Broker wants me to choose a Developer for whom I can specialize. There are many developers to choose from, but I need to come up with a short list. May I know your opinion on how to choose the best?

ANSWER: Rule of thumb: protect your proprietary rights on your license, never join a developer that employs colorum. Next, protect your proprietary rights on your customer, never join a developer that steal your customers. Buyers would almost always check out the website of the developer before they buy. I have heard a lot of painful stories from agents whose buyer leads were stolen by someone else (in-house agents who receive email alerts through the Developer’s website). So, I would advise the agents to be a little more smarter in the choices they make. First, prepare a long list of desired developers. Second, assume that you are a buyer and visit the developer’s primary website.

If I am a sales agent (whether Broker or Salesperson) in your shoes, the best developers, in my opinion, are those with websites that are capable of letting the buyers send (automatically or manually) their inquiry directly to me. I don’t trust a customer catching mechanism wherein there is someone else in between me and my customer.

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