Future prospects of the CPE Providers

QUESTION: Rltr. John, My dad is a CPE Provider (full-time). Me and mu 3 sibblings are in college. What will happen to his livelihood and his fellow CPE Providers when IPORESP becomes AIPORESP? I have heard you will have the CPE provision in the RA 9646 repealed.

ANSWER: At the Legislative level, we will repeal the portion in RA9646 that requires CPE in the license renewal. However, at the IPORESP-level, there will still be a huge department that will administer CPE Providers. Administer, meaning, provide trainor's training, assist in making videocation, etc.

Now I want you to read that post I have earlier about PROFESSIONAL FEES. Ask you Dad about it and he will laugh at you and say "THAT IS SOMETHING NEW, wala yan sa panahon namin". Well, tell you dad the words I will say, "Wala yan sa kanila noon kasi puro kabig pera lang ang inisip nila from the wannabe licensees, hindi nila inisip kung papano mag prosper ang bawat isang licensee".

In IPORESP, our primary objective is to provide opportunities for BUSINESS, SERVICE, and EARNINGS for all licensees. In the new ere, your Dad will have the following options if he wants to continue working as a teacher:

(1) Join a University that offers BS REM and teach the Major Subjects.

(2) Get a IPORESP Trainor's Training on the "IMPLEMENTATION AND AUDIT PROCEDURES FOR PRACTICES THAT CHARGES PROFESSIONAL FEES". This is where the money is. Lahat yang nasa list dyan na Professional Fee Service Menu, meron po yang procedure na auditable na dapat matutunan ng bawat isang Broker na maging active sa serbisyo. When I use the term procedure, I mean step 1, step 2, step 3, step 4 na dapat sundin ng mga Brokers in the execution of the service. Pag merong reclamo matanggap ang IPORESP sa mga transactions with Brokers, ipapa-AUDIT po namin yan sa mga accredited CPE Providers. Mas marami po student ang Dad mo dito kesa sa noon kasi ang PROCEDURES po, lalo na sa PNLS USER PROCEDURE ay magbabago ng mabilis through time casi computerized yan.

(3) Establish an Office that offers the various services. If he wants bigger, he can also establish a Business Associate Scheme (BAS).

(4) Work in the IPORESP HQ (if the IPORESP CEO likes him).


That's the way to do it nowadays. If you are in business or practice of profession, maraming operating cost, mataas ang bayad sa lisensya at nakaka-frustrate ang gobyerno na hindi pinoprotektahan ang lisensyado, may percentage tax ka pa or VAT, ang natira sayo babawasan pa ng 30% income tax, ang natira kapranggot na lang.

Mas maganda innovation, like sulat ka ng educational module or anything that will improve the way we do things, then publish mo and copyright/patent mo. Pag ginamit ng iba, bayad sila. Royalties kikitain mo, 20% tax lang, no questions asked, walang hassle.

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