Code of Ethics and Responsibilities

QUESTION: Rltr. Sir. John, during the time when we were still in DTI, we call it Code of Ethics in the Memorandum Order 39. Why did it become Code of Ethics and Responsibilities in the RA 9646? What are those RESPONSIBILITIES?

ANSWER: Professionalization comes with great responsibilities. Whenever there are complaints on malpractice, professionals are audited on their responsibility to follow the standard procedures. Doctors follow standard procedure. Engineers follow standard procedures. Pilots follow standard procedure. So will the real estate practitioners follow standard procedure.

I'd like you to read again and again my blog titled Professional Fees in Real Estate Service. It is a RESPONSIBILITY of each service provider to strictly follow the standard step-by-step procedure set forth by IPORESP on each of those services. In doing the service, there will only be one way of doing it right, and that is the way IPORESP wants through the standardization of procedure. All active service providers will be TRAINED (for a fee) on the procedure and will get the necessary continuing training each time the procedure is updated.

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