How IPORESP helps Broker business start-up

QUESTION: Sir John, I have no money to start-up a Broker's Office. All I have is a Broker license. Currently, I am a cell card salesman and income is very low. How can you help me start-up a Broker's Office?

ANSWER: That's a good question and I already have plans for that since way back 2010. Once IPORESP becomes AIPO, the first policy will be the imposition of the Professional Fees (PF). Then I will provide training modules on the PF Procedure to the CPE Providers. No licensed animal have ever seen or passed through this training module yet, so no one has bragging rights. The CPE Providers will have to READ the module and self-study on how to deliver the seminar and the ending exam. The training will be around 16 hours and will cost you around P3,200. Once you complete the training and pass the PF Service Qualifying Exam, you will purchase the PF Service Stamp Trodat from AIPORESP and you are already fit to serve the Professional Services and charge PF.

The next is to find you a place to set-up your work station. We will publish the list of "feasible areas", especially in municipalities where you cannot find any Broker. Business Associate Schemes (BAS) will also be established all over strategic city centers. In short, we want our Services to reach all over Philippines. This preparation will all happen within 3 months.

After you pass the PF training and have selected your place of business, we can sign as GUARANTOR for the nearest branch of LandBank to loan you business start-up fund so you can start it up. We are confident to guarantee because we are 100% sure that YOU WILL EARN GAINFULLY with the PF policy implemented and harmonized all over the Philippines!

What's preventing these programs from getting implemented is just those people sitting there in PRB-RES PRC.

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