How to avoid developers from stealing your leads

When you advertise a property for sale, it generates sales leads. If you show the name of the developer or name of the project, the interested buyer who saw your Ad will most likely go to the website of the Developer. When prospective buyers inquire via website of developers, the inquiry form goes to the developer and not to you. As a result, the leads generated by your internet Ads and fliers are stolen.

The solution is simple, just advertise the photo of the house or condominium, the technical information, the location, and the price, but NEVER show the Project Name or Developer Name in your picture and in the text of your ads. Thank you.

As licensed Brokers and Salespersons, you must promote yourselves more as a professional and increase client/customer confidence on you and your profession instead of promoting buyer confidence on the developer. Remember, developers are competitors because they directly sell to buyers too and they have lots of in-house colorum agents. You don't want to lead your clients/customers to the colorum and you don't want your leads stolen.

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