1 Nov 2047 is my calculated death date

According to this website, http://www.findyourfate.com/deathmeter/deathmtr.html, my death of date will be 1 Nov 2047. I have 12495 days to live.

If there is anything else important that I forgot to include in this article, or if you experienced a real estate transaction that is anomalous, scam, fraudulent scheme that you want me to document and expose for others to be warned, or if you want to donate to the war chest of real estate consumer rights advocacy, please feel free to email me at JohnPetalcorin@Gmail.Com. If you want to comment about this article, there is a provision for this purpose that you can find below.
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Humaun Kabir said...

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Real Estate Network - Philippines said...

Hi sir. I stumbled upon your website and I have to say I'm with you on your advocacy of a more professional real estate industry and greater buyer protection here in the Philippines.

And that's the reason why we're launching our own real estate listing company. The difference here is that the admins/owners of the site will screen sales agents who are going to sign up with us.

Since we're still on planning stage, I'm hoping you can share your insights and experiences and together we can shape the industry, at least in our own little way of providing not just for our primary clients (realtors) but also to the buyers who are going to visit the site.

Rltr. John R. Petalcorin said...

I can help. If you intend to utilize my brain for commercial purposes, my retainer fee is only P5,000 a month (net). On top of that, if you want me to answer some of your difficult customer inquiries, my consultancy fee is P10,000 a month (net). Nevertheless, whatever you can read in my blogs are free, please help yourself.