Lecturer Certification

QUESTION: Sir John, the PRB-RES issued Lecturer Accreditation to some RESPs. What can you say about this?

ANSWER: That kind of certification does not restrict anyone from teaching or lecturing. That is plain cosmetics for the vain ones who want to put so many certificates on their walls, but tolerable. The PRB-RES may issue whatever certification you want as long as you pay for it. Some says issuance of cosmetic certification is how government makes money, but I say that because it is something like an "extra service" (like a blow job in massage spa), that's how some leech-like government officials personally make money (corruption by institutionalized cronyism). Once you participate in getting that thing, you are practically feeding yourself to the leech.

SEC. 11 of the PRC Modernization Act of 2000 says: "Persons to Teach Subjects for Licensure Examination on all Professions. - All subjects for licensure examinations shall be taught by persons who are holders of valid certificates of registration and valid professional licenses of the profession and who comply with the other requirements of the CHED".

So, if there should be any government office who will regulate the education providing in the professional field, it is CHED who does that, not PRC. CHED only regulates the "Professional Teachers".

We also have a principle of academic freedom. All professions (engineers, architects, lawyers, doctors, etc.) are free to impart their knowledge and techniques by teaching in universities, colleges, and conduct seminars and PRC is not supposed to intervene, such as regulate, restrict, the transfer of knowledge and information from one person to another.

QUESTION: I scan the PRC website and was not able to see any information on Lecturer Certification for RES...Where is this info taken?

ANSWER: You won't see blow-job extra service displayed as part of the menu in massage parlors.

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