Application of "Dishonorable Conduct" on PRB-RES and on Real Estate Practitioners


RA 9646 SEC. 9. Removal of the Chairperson and the Members of the Board. The chairperson or any of the Board may be suspended or removed by the President of the Philippines, upon the recommendation of the Commission, for neglect of duty; abuse of power; oppression; incompetence; unprofessional; unethical, immoral, or dishonorable conduct; commission or toleration of irregularities in the conduct of examination or tampering of the grades therein; or for final judgment or conviction of any criminal offense involving moral turpitude.

QUESTION: Sir John, ano po ang ibig sabihin ng Dishonorable Conduct?

ANSWER: Para po sa mga naka-upo na anomalous PRB-RES ngayon, ang Dishonorable Conduct ay ang pag-expose ng mga anomalies sa internet laban sa PRB-RES. Eto ay nasabi ko base sa sulat nila sa akin titled Show Cause Order. Sa tingin ko, mali sila. Hindi nila na-intindihan na karapatan ng bawat isang apektadong mamamayan ma bumatikos sa gobyerno.

Pero para sa kin po, ang Dishonorable Conduct ay ang pag-gawa ng isang nakakahiyang bagay that results to loss of trust and confidence by your customers.

Ang customer po ng PRB-RES ay ang mga Real Estate Practitioners. Tayo po mga salespersons, brokers, appraisers, consultants, and assesors ang customer ng PRB-RES. Ang PRB-RES position ay nominated po yan dapat ng IPORESP by virtue of trust and confidence.

As a customer ng PRB-RES na naka-upo ngayon, nawalan po ako ng trust and confidence sa kanila and I will use any medium (speech or writing) to expose their anomalies. Para sa akin, bilang customer ng PRC, nakagawa po ng Dishonorable Conduct ang PRB-RES at pwede ko isa-isahin ang mga nagawa nila, at dapat po sila matanggal sa pwesto na yan under Section 9 of RA 9646.

Can the PRB-RES charge me with Dishonorable Conduct on grounds of the publication of my complaints? The answer is NO. The PRB-RES can only charge me with Dishonorable Conduct if there is a customer or client of my services as a broker who have lost his/her trust on me.

Therefore, the PRB-RES interpretation of the Section 5 paragraph K and S of RA 9646 is without basis and ignorable. Nung binasa ko ang kanilang sulat, naramdaman ko na duda din ang PRB-RES sa basehan ng retaliation na ginagawa nila. Sa tingin ko, gumagawa lang sila ng palusot sa finayl ko laban sa kanila na RED-TAPE Case sa Ombudsman. Makita mo naman sa hesitation nila. They said in their Show Cause Order:

"Mr. Petalcorin you are ordered to appear on June 8, 2011 before the Board of Real Estate Service to show-cause why this board will not file a case for Dishonorable Conduct against you for publishing in the internet articles and opinions which demeans and tarnish the reputation of the Board and its members (PRB-RES). This is pursuant to the provisions of Section 5 paragraph K and S of RA 9646. If you fail to appear, an order may be issued by the Board where we will be filing a formal charge against you, which may result in disciplinary actions by the Board" (UNDATED AND UNSIGNED DOCUMENT)

Meron po akong sinubmit na complain sa PRC Website laban sa PRB-RES -- eto po ay dapat actionan at i-resolve ng PRC Commissioner. HIndi pwedeng i-refer ng PRC Commissioner ang complaint ko sa PRB-RES. Eto lang masasabi ko sa PRB-RES, kung meron kayong delicadeza, mag INHIBIT kayo sa pag-resolve ng complaint ko sa inyo na pinadala ko sa PRC Commissioner. PRC Commissioner ang mag resolve nito, hindi kayo. Kayo ang kino-complain ko, hindi kayo pwede maging decision-maker sa resolution nito. Magsubmit kayo ng paliwanag sa PRC Commissioner to respond to my complaint.

Yang pag issue ninyo ng Show Cause Order sa akin, RED TAPE po yan against my application paperwork for registration without examination, at ang klarong motibo po ay RETALIATION dahil binatikos ko kayo, at ang klarong evidence po ay etong papel na inissue nyo sa akin na Show Cause Order. Etong Show Cause Order po ang matagal ko nang hinintay kasi eto ang evidence of RED-TAPE na i-submit ko sa Ombudsman.

Pero dahil hindi nyo alam ang procedure, sige, sa OMBUDSMAN ko kayo dadalhin, May 24, 2011 para mapaliwanagan kayo na kayo ang akusado dito, kayo ang nangangailangan magpaliwanag sa akin para ma-resolve ang mga complain ko. HINDI AKO ANG MAGPAPALIWANAG SA INYO.

Sa sulat po ninyo (PRB-RES) sa akin, may nilagay po kayong HON sa pangalan ninyo. Sa mata ko po, nakakahiya po yang ginagawa ninyo. Ang tao po a walang hiya ay DISHONORABLE.

The PRB-RES have oath of office to implement RA 9646. I will prove that they did something resulting to a non-implementation of the RA 9646, then they have committed a DISHONORABLE CONDUCT. The only way out for PRB-RES would be RESIGNATION. Sana pahalagahan nila ang honor nila, mag-resign na lang sila, kasi pag ma-convict sila nito ng Ombudsman eh eto pong Dishonorable Conduct is an issue of "Moral Turpitude". May mga edad na po sila at pangit naman pag tapusin nila ang career nila with an end note of Moral Turpitude. Pag umabot eto ng 24 May 2011 na hindi pa nag-resign ang PRB-RES, hindi ko na pwede i-atras etong complaint ko at tutuluyan na eto sa Ombudsman. Pag mag-resign sila, pwede ko na i-atras ang case at magiging record na lang etong mga PRB-RES anomalies na eto sa history ng Real Estate Service, and we can move on on the proper way of IPORESP formation.

Ako, hindi ako ma-subject ng PRB-RES sa Disciplinary Action dahil hindi pa naman ako na carry-over sa RA 9646 Registration without Examination. Hanggat hindi ako mag Oathtaking sa PRC, hindi ako pwede ma subject sa disciplinary action. Kahit anong mangyari, hinding-hindi ako mag Oathtaking sa anomalous PRB-RES na eto. Atsaka hindi ako natatakot na hindi mabigyan ng license kasi PRO BONO po ako, I can invoke RA 9646 Section 28 D, exempted ako sa RA 9646. Walang mawawala sa akin pag matalo ako nitong laban na eto versus PRB-RES. Pero pag manalo ako, ang PRB-RES lima yan sila na ma-damage ang career dahil sa anomaliya nila. The best option for the PRB-RES is to resign before 24 May 2011.

It is not hard to remember this lesson. The violation of Oath of Office is called Dishonorable Conduct.



RA 9646 SEC. 18. Refusal to Register. The Board shall not register and issue a certificate of registration to any successful examinees who has been convicted by a court of competent jurisdiction of any criminal offense involving moral turpitude or has been found guilty of immoral or dishonorable conduct after investigated by the Board, or has been found to be psychologically unfit.

QUESTION: Sir John, paano naman po eto applicable ang Dishonorable Conduct sa mga Brokers and their clients?

ANSWER: You have to understand the word HONOR first. Now, I want you to look at the term they usually use "Word of Honor". Word of honor means you can be trusted to deliver your OATH. The Customer-Broker relationship is called Fiduciary Trust (remember they teach this in CRESR and this is also in Code of Ethics). If you break that Fiduciary Trust of the customer, you have committed a Dishonorable Conduct. The question is, in what example instance is this Fiduciary Trust is violated by a Broker? I have written a blog article about this titled Different Types of Real Estate Agents. Now let me give you an example.

Example, you signed a conforme to an Authority to Sell issued to you by owner of a Property ALPHA. That Authority to Sell is already a Fiduciary Trust. So, you advertised the said property in the Internet. After a week, a potential buyer inquired about the property ALPHA. While talking to the buyer, you were able to detect that the buyer has a bigger money, so you did not register the buyer to the property owner ALPHA, and you offered property BRAVO to the potential buyer. In this case, you have violated the Fiduciary Trust of the owner of Property ALPHA and you can be charged with DISHONORABLE CONDUCT.

Another example is when the broker spends for his personal purpose the money of the buyer that is deposited in the Fiduciary Bank Account that is set-up to facilitate the transaction.

Another example is when a real estate practitioner will not deliver his obligations to the government and to the people working for him. The most common is the broker's failure to register his salespersons before allowing them to work as agents. If a Broker becomes delinquent in paying the share of the commission of the people working under him, this is also a form of dishonorable conduct.

It is not hard to remember this lesson. The violation of Fiduciary Trust is called Dishonorable Conduct.


HONOR is you keep the trust of your customers on you by fulfilling your oaths, agreements, contracts, and loyalty relationships.

The most common violation that results to Dishonorable Discharge in the military is DESERTION, which is typically defined as an extended absence from one's military post with the intent to abandon military service indefinitely.

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