Integrity, Honor, and Character Reference

QUESTION: Sir John, you said Integrity and Honor are the two most important values in real estate service. Ano po ang pinagka-iba ng dalawa?

ANSWER: INTEGRITY is you follow the procedures, rules, regulations, and laws; and never tolerate fraud. HONOR is you keep the trust of your customers on you by fulfilling your oaths, agreements, contracts, and loyalty relationships.

You can never prevent other people from asking irregular favor or request that tempts you to violate your integrity and honor. But you can always say say NO to the temptation.

CHAT: Sir John, dyahe naman sir pag hindi pinagbigyan, normally ang lumalapit ay kamag-anak, kaibigan, ka-socio, brod sa fraternity, sis sa sorrority, mga pinagkaka-utangan ko ng loob, mga kasama sa association. Dyahe naman pag masisira ang friendly or cordial relationship namin pag hindi ko pinagbigyan. Minsan pa nyan may kasama yang gratuity gift pag pinag-bigyan. Pag hindi po ako makisama, hindi po nila ako bibigyan ng character reference.

ANSWER: For me, Integrity and Honor is non-negotiable, you can't sell it out in exchange of anything. Your handling of tempting situation is the test of your CHARACTER. Friendship is best maintained under the banner of righteousness. Pag kaibigan kita at pinagbigyan mo ako sa hinihingi kong irregular favor, salamat, pero sure iisipin ko na hindi ka mapagkakatiwalaan kasi balang araw kaya mo rin ako ibenta sa ibang himihingi ng favor.

Character Reference is a testimonial of your integrity and honor. This can only be issued by someone who worked directly with you on integrity-sensitive and honor-sensitive projects or advocacies. Ang character reference ay hindi po yan nag tetestify on your friendliness or cordiality.

It is important that people follow the values of integrity and honor in order to maintain order, fairness, and worry-free society.


NOTE: Please be informed that IPORESP is not a religion. It is just a coincidence that it is Sunday today and the question is related to values formation.


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