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REALTER. Definition: [A patented servicemark. Pronunciation: \ˈrē(-ə)l-tər, rē-ˈal-tər\. Alternate term: Realteer. Abbreviation: Rltr.. Plural: Realters. Verb intransitive: Realteer. Verb present participle: Realteering. Verb past participle: Realteered] Referring to a persons who derive income from real estate services such as Salesperson, Broker, Appraiser, Consultant, Assessor, Developer, Dealer, Administrator, and Educator who is granted by the servicemark owner the privilege to use the title REALTER or abbreviated title RLTR, subject to the REALTER Service Quality Standard Certification or REALTER Professional Seal of Excellence.

Background of the Word REALTER

I have a suspicion that REALTER is seemingly an old-age term which has been lost in circulation. It could probably be one of those OR vs ER suffixes (like Adviser vs Advisor). I have a light suspicion that this Realtor word was used during the Old English times to refer to real estate traders in the past. I have a blurd memory that this word crossed my mind way way back years ago but just didn't mind researching about it. The word REALTER, which refers to real estate practitioners, does not exist yet in the Dictionary (Wikipedia, Britannica, Thesaurus), nor can it be found in any online dictionary or online encyclopedia in the internet as of extensive search date 23 July 2011. Although it crossed my mind years ago, I started consciously, seriously, and purposively thought about the term REALTER in 23 July 2011, the date when I gave it an original definition. I am the first who officially published a blog about the usage and definition of the word, REALTER in 29 July 2011. Although I first intend to have it used as a title of the real estate professionals in general in the future, I for now reserve all rights to its usage, the term shall not be trademarked by any other party, and I will be the one who will make a final decision to grant its usage to any real estate professional institution or organization.

Interim Use of the word REALTER

I announced in Facebook last 29 July 2011 that I am interimly declaring this term to be an open title of the profession and general term that shall not be trademarked by any party, but has not made final decision yet on the exclusive institutional use by the IPORESP because the integration is still ongoing formation. If the integration and accreditation will not succeed, I may may opt to have this REALTER collected mark and logo to be used only by the Exclusive Buyer Agent Society and to its allies.


The Logo shows letter “i” which means INTEGRATED and “R” which means REALTER. Magneto is the font to be used in the letter "R" because the pillar (the red portion) of the letter "R" is slanting to the right, which is consistent with my professional motto that says: "We do real estate the right way all the time". The font used for the "REALTER" is all-caps Copperplate Gothic Bold. The variant colors for the “R” are Red (for Salespersons), Orange (for Brokers), Yellow (for Appraisers), Green (for Assessors), Blue (for Consultants), Indigo for the annointed organization which shall bear the term REALTERS (with "S") to give significance to integration of REALTERS, Violet for the (Original Trademark Owner), and Black for general use if there is no available color. The "i" at the left side of the "R" means "Integrated".

JOURNAL of the Development of REALTER Trademark

2 August 2011. Filed a Notarized Intention to File Trademark for REALTER.

5 August 2011. Filed/submitted online registrationof REALTER Trademark to Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines. Paid SOA# 0009920110014578 to LandBank in the amount of P2,181.60.

8 August 2011. Received email from John Hurley. Information Centre. Intellectual Property Office United Kingdom. He provided information that I can verify if REALTERhas a registered copyright at http://www.ipo.gov.uk/tm/t-find/t-find-text/. Search shows NEGATIVE. Take note also that John Harley earlier offered to process the REALTER Trademark Registration in UK and stated that if done within 6 months, then the original Philippine Registration date will be used.

9 August 2011. Received acknowledgement email from IPO DTI Philippines. ANA MAIDA J. ZAMORA, Administrative Officer V, Bureau of Trademarks, Tel. No. 238-6300 loc. 503. Take note that Trademark Search in IPO Philippines shows NEGATIVE prior registration and my application is currently pending adjudication. Patent Search is NEGATIVE.

STATUS: Waiting for IPO Philippines adjudication.


QUESTION: Sir John, what are the derivatives of the word REALTER that will refer to practicing the act of a Realter?

ANSWER: Verb intransitive: REALTEER. Verb present participle: REALTEERING. Verb past participle: REALTEERED


The main purpose of Mr. Rebisko's visit to the landowner is purely to realteer the property.

Mr. Rebisko's realteering without license was complained by local Realters to the IPORESP Anti-Colorum Task Force led by Realter Andres Bonifacio.

Rltr. Bonifacio was able to prove to the court that Mr. Rebisko, in fact realteered the property owned by the widow. Because Mr. Rebisko have no professional license to perform the profession of a Realter, the court meted him with a penalty of 4 years imprisonment and a fine of P200,000.

QUESTION: Sir John, how much do you think you will charge for the use of the Realter or Rltr title and logo?

ANSWER: Initially, I'm looking at a possibility of NO MORE THAN P1,000 per year per user, I still have to calculate the best price. Free-use will be given for three years for those who will sign-up and submit an IPORESP Integration Form, provided that I will receive the completed IIF on or before 22 August 2011.

QUESTION: What are the requirements for initial application and renewal?

The requirements would be the user (1) must have submitted IPORESP Integration Form, (2) must pay the annual Realter Trademark Royalty Fee, and (3) submit a certificate of good standing with IPORESP everytime he/she applies for RENEWAL of authority to use Realter Trademark.

QUESTION: Sir John, will you issue a certificate of authority to use the trademark?

I will not issue a certificate of authority to use the trademark, but the list of authorized users will be listed in the official Realter Website.

QUESTION: Sir, what are the conditions of use of the REALTER Trademark?

The condition of use is that the user must agree that all his/her clients and customers who will complain against him may send their complaints to the Realter Trademark Owner for proper action. Complaints will be treated as confidential and complainants as generally anonymous. Proper action would mean exhortation and coaching -- not punitive. However, if the user being complained will not promise self-reform after the counselling, I might be forced to cancel his/her authority to use the IPORESP trademark and refund the his/her fee that I already received for that particular year of coverage.

Classification of Realter Servicemark Users

A. Salesperson - marketing subordinates of the Brokers, Developers, and Dealers who perform the function of salesperson, agent, buyer hunter, referral agent, and power of attorneys for or in expectation of a share in the commission, professional fee, compensation or other valuable consideration.

B. Broker - a natural person who, for a professional fee, commission or other valuable consideration acts as an agent of a party in a real estate transaction to offer, advertise, solicit , list, promote, mediate, negotiate or effect the meeting of the minds on the sale, purchase, exchange, mortgage, lease or joint venture, or other similar transactions on real estate or any interest therein.

C. Appraiser - also known as valuer, refers to a natural person who conducts valuation/appraisal; specifically, one who possesses the necessary qualifications, ability and experience to execute or direct the valuation/appraisal of real or personal property. A natural person who, for a professional fee, compensation or other valuable consideration, performs or renders, or offers to perform services in estimating and arriving at an opinion of or acts as an expert on real estate values, such services of which shall be finally rendered by the preparation of the report in acceptable written form.

D. Consultant - natural person who, for a professional fee, compensation or other valuable consideration, offers or renders professional advice and judgment on the acquisition, enhancement, preservation, utilization or disposition of lands or improvements thereon; and the conception, planning, management and development of real estate projects.

E. Assessor - refers to an official in the local government unit, who performs appraisal and assessment or real properties, including plants, equipment, and machineries, essentially for taxation purpose. This definition also includes assistant assessors.

F. Developer - refers to any natural or juridical person engaged in the business of developing or building real estate development project such as houses, subdivisions, condominiums, resorts for his/her or its own account and offering them for sale or lease.

G. Administrator - staff and officers of project management office, building administrators, leasing managers, estate administrators, officers of homeowner associations.

H. Dealer - engaged in buying and selling real estate and selling for a profit.

I. Educator - real estate service teacher, coach, professor, instructor.


Discount on Royalty Fee will be given to those who submitted IPORESP Integration Form (IIF) in the following schedule:

On or before 22 August 2011 - free for the 1st three years.

On or before 31 August 2011 - 75% discount for the 1st three years.

On or before 07 September 2011 - 50% discount for the 1st three years.

On or before 15 September 2011 - 25% discount for the 1st three years.

16 September 2011 onwards - full rate will apply.

Tentative Royalty Fee Rates

$25.00 - 1 year coverage

$45.00 - 2 years coverage

$65.00 - 3 years coverage

$85.00 - 4 years coverage

$100.00 - 5 years coverage

Code of Ethics


Loyalty to clients. Integrity to the profession. Fairness to customers.

Tentative Terms and Conditions

1. The REALTER Servicemark User is solely responsible in cmplying with the legal requirement or real estate service in the country where he is practicing.

2. The REALTER Servicemark Owner has no liability in whatever manner the Realter Servicemark User use the Realter Servicemark.

4. Etc etc etc!! Tired of thinking! Gotta sleep!

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