The Issue About Trace Trajano

I received persistent complaint about Trace Trajano (TT) operation. Last night, I could not sleep straight because I am trying to think hard to find a mistake in TT's business operation in the ETHICAL and LEGAL aspects. After hours of thinking, I finally came up with an adjudication. Now here it is.

I can sum up TT's IDEA in one sentence. In TT's IDEA, he figured out that FORECLOSED and FSBO properties are cheaper compared to any other types of properties, hence it is these two kinds of properties that can possibly give the highest possible profit margin. In my expert opinion, TT's IDEA is absolutely right, but TT cannot register a COPYRIGHT on the idea because it not the first original because there are tons of old articles about it in the internet. Nevertheless, TT put a VALUE ADDED on that raw idea by putting together a COMPLEX FLOWCHART of technique and procedure on how to execute it, and put is altogether in a WEBINAR PRESENTATION.

It appears to me that TT line of business is "SELLING AN IDEA" on how to make money in real estate. TT sells it through WEBINAR. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that IDEA and LINE OF BUSINESS. There is also no such thing as webinar price rates regulations, so basically TT can charge whatever he thinks would be able to make him earn a living.

Rationally, TT's primary target CUSTOMERS are people who wants to make money in real estate. But there is a huge population who wants to hit a jackpot in real estate. So, TT shortlisted his target and he decided to focus on those who have seen the treasure map of foreclosed properties. That BahayRemata.Com is his medium to CAPTURE his fucus target clients.

I went to see BahayRemata.Com and I spent 2 hours on coffee break trying to figure out if there is a DISHONEST ADVERTISING anomaly in TT's advertising call: "WE HAVE FORECLOSED PROPERTIES YOU CAN BUY AT A BIG DISCOUNT". The question is, does TT have information about foreclosed properties that people can buy at a big discount? The answer is: YES, I ASSUME HE HAS. However, the information he has is a PUBLIC INFORMATION already, you can go directly to Bank Websites to get it, you can also go to Jay Castillo's website and any other foreclosed and FSBO website to get such information.

On the issue that TT's listing is outdated, well, that is a tolerable error. All real estate advertisements becomes outdated in time and there is always a lag time before advertisements are updated or removes. Sometimes, we also forget where we placed our Ads and it stays there forever, specially those that are put on electric posts and also in the internet.

Is TT really making money in operationalizing his IDEA of foreclosed properties dealership? We don't know the answer to that. But definitely he makes WEBINAR money from people who are "curious" about his idea.

My final adjudication is, as of today, there is no anomaly in TT operation in the ETHICAL and LEGAL aspect. TT does not need a PRC license to continue his business operation.

What disturbs me is there are people who teach that says the public should only deal with agents who have PRC licenses, that is absolutely an anomalous teaching and an unethical predatory self-promoting message. I am registered real estate Broker too, but I will never tolerate such predatory message because THERE ARE MANY OTHER TYPES OF PEOPLE WHO CAN LEGALLY SELL PROPERTIES AND REAL ESTATE INVESTMENTS WHO ARE NOT REQUIRED TO GET A PRC LICENSE (if you have read RA 9646).

By the way, I don't know TT, I have not met him yet and have not interacted with him yet, but I have read and have personally received a lot of complaints about him coming from his competitors and some of his students who did not make money after attending his webinars for some reasons. This is just a relationship disclosure paragraph to let you know that I make judgements not based on relationships with the accused and the accuser, but on the merit of the case.

I hope this TT issue is finally answered.

Truly yours,


PS. By the way, the complainant operates a Consolidated Foreclosed Properties Open Listing and Open Source Advisory website, his source of information are Bank Websites, but I don't know how he makes money (perhaps from web Ads). The complainant seems to be annoyed with TT operation that captures investors and potential students in the WEBINAR BUSINES through BahayRemata.Com with a one sentence BAIT MESSAGE. So, basically, both of them operates an investment advisories and both are using foreclosed properties to attract investors.

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