CPE, is it required? Where to take it?

QUESTION: Rltr. John, is the 60 hours CPE, as specified in the IRR, a requirement for license renewal? For advancement of my knowledge in real estate, where do you advice I take classes?

ANSWER: Actually, we will not renew our license because we are on LICENSING STRIKE. Although that question would be irrelevant under the situation of a STRIKE, I will attempt to enlighten you.

During the time of DTI, our CPE was 16 hours; but a little higher than that, which is 20 hours, will be cast upon you as a penalty if you failed to renew for 3 years.

Without PROPER public consultation, the CPE increased to a TOO EXCESSIVE and TOO OPPRESSIVE point of 60 hours as a result of the lobby of the CPE Providers that we call GARAPATA. From 16, it became 60, coincidentally "sounds" the same.

To attempt to resolve the dispute between 16 and 60, the rational ideal of HARMONIZATION came in. How about in the other professions? Are they required to undergo a CPE to renew their license? If they are required, how many hours is the requirement? Surprisingly, the Sec. 20. of REPUBLIC ACT NO. 8981 THE PRC MODERNIZATION ACT December 2000 has already REPEALED the requiring of CPE in the renewal of license of all professions.

So you see, there is now that guy who said he is VICE PRESIDENT of PhilRES who renewed his license and complained about LAWLESSNESS on why he is not required to present (1) CPE and (2) GOOD STANDING IN PHILRES. Obviously, he is PhilRES and we all know what PhilRES is -- it is the QUEEN'S NEST of the garapatas.

What I want you to do is discern the MOTIVE of his statement. He wants us to respond and rally behind the implementation of those two requirements. Well, we tell him that we are on licensing strike because the CPE is too excessive, among other reasons. Also, the "merely anointed" PHILRES will have to go because it is just a minority that still has not even achieved the minimum membership required to become an AIPO.

The will of the people is to:

(1) REPEAL the CPE,
(2) membership is AIPO is AUTOMATIC and FREE, and

By the way, just a bit of advice, do not take that excessive CPE yet, not especially from PAREB, REBAP and any PHILRES allied groups. In short, don't FEED the garapatas because it will incentivise them and will surely suck you even more by force - DELIKADO.

If you want to attend training for self-improvement purposes, there are many CHED-Recognized Shourt-Course and Seminar Providers such as universities that provides lessons on Supervision, Management, Human Resource, Basic Accounting, Internet Marketing, and Leadership. These are the learning that you need. Don't forget to get Official Receipt and Certificate of Attendance specifying hours of learning because these certificates are VALID.

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Rain Mayo said...

I thought it's just 45 units? oh well I dont even have any yet and I need to renew next year lol