Not only Appraisers, but Brokers also qualify to become Assessors

QUESTION: Can licensed brokers qualify to get a position of Local Government Assessor?

ANSWER: YES. That is one of the loophole of RA 9646. Many are thinking that only licensed appraisers can become Assessors, and they are wrong. Sec 30 of RESA says: "Positions in Government Requiring the Services of Registered and Licensed Real Estate Service Practitioners. Within three (3) years from the effectivity of this Act, all existing and proposed positions in the local and national governments, whether career, permanent temporary or contractual, and primarily requiring the services of a real estate service practitioner, shall be filled only by registered and licensed real estate service practitioners."

INTERPRETATION: the term "licensed real estate practitioners" refer to Brokers, Appraisers, Assessors, and Consultants. So the answer to the question whether licensed brokers qualify to get a position of local government assessor is ---- YES.

Even the Civil Service Memorandum Circular No. 20 Series 2012 says that the "Qualifications Standards of Assessor and Appraiser Positions qualifications set must have RA 1080 eligibility. Required is Real Estate Licensure Exam."

QUESTION: Is there such a thing called Licensure Exam for Assessors?

ANSWER: No. There is not such a thing. The entry point to qualify to become a licensed Assessors are (1) you were an Assessor under the grandfather clause, (2) you are a licensed Broker or Appraiser or Consultant who is appointed to hold position of Assessor. Assessors have their own unique training in LGU and BLGF. There is no private sector that provides training for Assessors.


I am Engr. XXX of LGU XXX my email ad is XXX. My comment to this is that if the CHED has really implemented that last 2011 then perhaps my questions are:

1. It will take 4 years starting from 2011 to have a pioneer graduates with that course say by year 2015.

ANSWER: Yes. At the very least 4 years assuming there is a single student today who will graduate on time.

2. So what will happen now while PRC is still awaiting for those who are about to graduate?

ANSWER: PRC will still be PRC. Nothing will happen to them. They can schedule exam, but must not lower the qualification set by law – examinees must be graduates of 4yr BS REM. If no one will qualify, then the exam room is empty – we expect the empty room to happen at the minimum in the next 4 years.

3. Do we have an inventory of existing colleges and universities who have adequate number of enrolees?If yes, will the number be sufficient to really impose sec 14b without prejudice to those who can have practice real estate services from other related courses?

ANSWER: We don’t care to know what university offers BS REM because we are already licensed Brokers – but maybe CHED have that information. The onset of implementation of Sec 14B is not based on number of students or graduates, but the onset is based on the condition that as soon as the CHED curriculum is implemented which is at the beginning of School Year 2012-2013 (June 2012), the completion of BS REM becomes a requirement for taking the exam. The 14B prejudices non graduates of BS Real Estate – that is THE LAW. Any party who feel prejudiced may file a legislative agenda in PRC for PRC to forward it to Congress and Senate. As Convenor of IPORESP, with me is a long list of Legislative Agenda, and despite urgency, my position is that the law will apply while the law is not amended. Do you want to hurry the Legislative Agenda? If yes then you sign-up in IPORESP. Frankly, if you will not sign-up in IPORESP, we will not be able to sympathize with you, and we will block and oppose your legislative agenda.

4. What is the IRR for Sec14b? Can it not expressly allow those under allied courses and those who have Master's Degree in Land administration and Management to take Real Estate Exam for promotion purposes in those who are in government service like that of the LGU Assessment Offices?

ANSWER: For Government positions, Sec 33 will apply, “Within three (3) years from the effectivity of this Act, all existing and proposed positions in the local and national governments, whether career, permanent temporary or contractual, and primarily requiring the services of a real estate service practitioner, shall be filled only by registered and licensed real estate service practitioners.” Onset of implementation of Sec 33 would be July 29, 2012.

5. We will have a long backlog in the assessment department because under CSC MC No. 20 Series 2012 Qualifications Standards of Assessor and Appraiser Positions qualifications set must have RA 1080 eligibility RE: real Estate Licensure Exam.

ANSWER: We are aware of that. The solution is simple. Let your Human Resource Department do their job. Advertise the vacant position or get a list and address of licensed Brokers and Appraisers in PRC and send them invitation for the job. We have a lot of jobless licensed Brokers and Appraisers, more than enough to fill in your recruitment backlog. I myself is a JOBLESS LICENSED BROKER -- wanna hire me? I have a civil service professional eligibility certificate.

QUESTION: Rltr. John, I have a question. Do you see any problem in including the Assessors in RESA?

ANSWER: One of the difference between MO 39 and RA 9646 is the inclusion of Assessors in the Real Estate Service. They say I am a genius in justifying RA 9646, but honestly, I cannot think of a way on how to "harmonize" the Assessors with the other types of Real Estate Service licenses. If I were involved in the decision-making to whether include the Assessors or not in the RA 9646, I would have voted a NO and would argue that we study it further. Assessors, really, does not fit-in the Real Estate Services. There should be a Legislative Agenda to release the Assessors from PRC regulation. Civil Service Commission, as a regulatory body, is sufficient to regulate the Assessors.

If I would reason out, I would say that private interest is so different compared to public interest. With Assessors included in the realty service, there will be an ENDLESS debate in the development of the Code of Ethics.

QUESTION: Sir John, I am an Assessor, what other information we, Assessors and Assessor wannabes should know?

ANSWER: For the Assessor wannabes, tell them that I am inclined to remove the Assessors from the clout of RA 9646. We will do it by Legislative Agenda. Assessors are better regulated by Civil Service Commission only, not PRC. Assessors and Regional Directors of Registry of Deeds can avail of Realter Society membership for FREE. Membership in Realter Society will enable you to earn the right to use the Rltr title. Please read the Realter Society website.

QUESTION: Sir John, the PRC is giving Appraiser License to Assessors under the grandfather clause. Did they do the right thing?

ANSWER: No. It is wrong. Assessor is a SEPARATE license under RA 9646. PRC should give Assessors under grandfather clause a Assessor License, not Appraiser license, not Broker license. An Assessor who wants to become a licensed Appraiser or licensed Broker must take the licensure exam for Appraiser or Broker.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for your prompt reply Sir. But just a follow up question:

"CSC MC no 20 S. 2012 posits that Education needed to apply for Assessor is Bachelor's Degree preferably in Civil or Mechanical Engineering, Commerce or any other related course and eligibility is RA 1080 Real Estate Service so if this is the case those courses mentioned above can still take the RES exam given by PRC."

Rltr. John R. Petalcorin said...

I have not verified that reference. Nevertheless, I have read that reference you gave a couple of times, and there is nothing in the reference given that says that graduates of Civil and Mechanical Engineering are qualified to take any of the three types of Real Estate Service Exams. RA 9646 is very strict, since onset date June 2012, only graduates of e year BS Real Estate are qualified to take any kind of real estate service exam.

Nevertheless, it gave me an idea that may help you. I would suggest you lobby in CHED so that CHED will issue a Memorandum Order that will state that Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Commerce are courses under Real Estate Service. If CHED issues this kind of Memo, graduates of these courses CAN be qualified to take the Real Estate Service Exam.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sir for the idea. If given a chance, can you give me ideas where are the review centers located for taking up Real Estate Appraiser's Exam? Thank you!

Rltr. John R. Petalcorin said...

Starting June 2012, you can't take the any type of real estate exam unless you are a graduate of BS Real Estate. Read more at

Anonymous said...

i am a professional electronics and communications engineer (with expired license).am i eligible for the position of local assessment operations officer

Rltr. John R. Petalcorin said...

Yes you are qualified to work in the Assessor's Office. However, not qualified for the position of Assessor. There are many positions in the Assessor Office that does not require professional license in Real Estate Service.

Anonymous said...


According to the RA 9646 (RESA), "Assessor and Appraiser positions in government shall be filled up ONLY by a licensed real estate service practitioners"; and According to the same law, Real Estate Service Practitioners are defined as follows:
- Real estate consultant
- Real estate appraiser
- Real estate assessor
- Real estate broker
- Real estate salesperson

Meaning, even a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson can have an Assessor or Appraiser position in the Government. However, the CSC requires the RA 1080 Eligibility (Real Estate Service) as part of the requirement of Assessor and its Assistant, my question now is, IS THE Licensed Real Estate Salesperson (With Professional ID) can be qualified as a Government Assessor or Appraiser? or IS the Licensed of a Salesperson (Without Exam) is equivalent to the Licensed of a Broker (With Exam) and can be used as RA 1080 Eligibility?

Rltr. John R. Petalcorin said...

The Salesperson is not a "licensed real estate professional", but merely a "registered real estate professional", whose registration in PRC is dependent, sub-ordinate, subjugate, and co-terminus with the license of his/her broker. The Salesperson cannot meet the requirement to be an Assessor.