Why I tolerate the PRC to accredit an Iiterim APO FRESA and PhilRES

QUESTION: Sir Henry, kindly do not try to mislead. Are you saying that when IPORESP was mentioned 12 times in the RESA law, the law was actually meaning this IPORESP group?

ANSWER: Henry did not mislead. It is true that IPORESP is mentioned 12 times in RESA Law and THIS IS IT! Nothing else.

The other group, open your mind, read their full name of their group, and then you refer to Section 6E of RESA Law.

Step 2. You go ask the other group. Ask them. Yes, right NOW, ask them. Ask them on how they can compare with IPORESP in the following features that IPORESP is binded with a commitment to hundreds of members and still growing:





Step 3. Now ask YOURSELF. Yes Ikaw, sarili mo, look at yourself in the mirror and as yourself: "Ano ba ang pangunahing hanapbuhay ko, Real Estate Practitioner (RESP are agents, salespersons, brokers, appraisers, assessors, consultants) ba ako or CPE-provider?". Kapag RESP ka, isipin mo mga gastusin mo para ma maintain ang license mo like Seminar Fee, Membership Fee, etc. Kapag RESP ka, your best place is IPORESP kasi ibababa ng IPORESP ang mga gastusin mo pag maintain ng license. Kapag CPE-Provider ka, try mo i-improve ang services mo para maging mas higher ang quality and mas cheaper, VideoSeminar ang program ng IPORESP para mas marami ang maka-avail, and mas malaki ang earnings mo, so your best place is IPORESP.

QUESTION: Ano magiging pakinabang mo sa IPORESP?
ANSWER: I suggest you get a glimpse of the IPORESP Plans and Programs.

Why I Tolerate the PRC to accredit an Interim APO FRESA and PHILRES

IPORESP started organizing the integration in 29 June 2009. Mahirap mag organize ng integration kasi deeply seated ang mistrust ng iba't ibang grupo laban sa isa't isa, grabe ang predator and competitive behavior nila sa isa't isa, atsaka maraming RESP na nag-fall-out sa profession kasi walang professional earnings sa dinami-dami ba naman ng colorum. Integration is a very steep uphill task.

In November 2009, IPORESP was hijacked by first Interim APO FRESA. Federation of Real Estate Service Associations (FRESA) is the federation of incumbent presidents that has been dealing with BTRCP-DTI since time immemorial. Those sitting in PRB-RES now are nominees and installed by FRESA, except one, the Chairman Eduardo Ong. Ong has an adverse record in Realtors (PAREB) in Pasay Makati (conviction of ethical malpractice) that is why when he nominated himself for PRB-RES, he was crossed out by FRESA. The big anomaly is, Chairman Ong's name was not advertised in the newspaper as PRB-RES nominee, so walang opportunity ang public mag-oppose. There are two ways to screen a person seeking appointment, one is by the screening committee, and the second is by the public through publication in newspaper. Ong was crossed out in the committee screening, and then he skipped the public screening.

One day, na surprise ang FRESA at lahat na mga elders ng real estate service (kasama ako) dahil bigla na lang si Ong ang na appoint na PRB-RES, hindi lang member, Chairman pa (appointee ni Gloria). Nag file ng question si FRESA President Ed Aceron sa PRC Commisioner kung ano nangyari, "bakit may corruption?", tanong ni Ed. Nagsimula na ang conflict.

Ang ginawa ni Ong, naghanap ng mga RESP na ambisyoso na pwede niyang gamitin para sipain at palitan ang FRESA. Kaya ayan, Ong collaborated with REBAP and they formed PHILRES. Bakit REBAP? Kasi yang REBAP, dyan lumilipat mga na kick-out ng PAREB. So Ong figured out that his best partner is REBAP. The Board of Directors of REBAP issued a Resolution to migrate its members to PHILRES (walang sumunod na myembro).

I was a half-baked REBAP (didn't take the oath), so they invited me to join PHILRES, but I turned them down because their motive is to become the biggest sucker machine that will rake in billions of pesos from membership fee and seminar fees. The plan was to put a seminar money-making barrier between PRC and the Salespersons, and make a lot of money from it. I am a pro-bono Real Estate Service Coach, hindi nag match ang prinsipyo namin, so I refused to join them. Hindi lang refuse, talagang I declared war against them, ako lang mag-isa, I fought to defend RESA Law, I fought to defend the Brokers, I fought to defend the Agents, laban sa mga oligarchs na matagal nang namamayagpag. Hanggang ngayon lumalaban pa rin ako.

Talagang na perpetrate ang plano nila kasi paglabas ng na Bulong-Bulong Gang na RESA IRR, naging 120 hours ang Salesperson Seminar and pati yung mga hindi nakatapos ng 2nd year college ay inallow nila na mag register basta may seminar lang. In short, PANGWARTA ang motibo nila, kawawa ang RESA Law, na bend; kawawa din mga Salespersons and Developers, mahohold-up ng libo-libong piso; kawawa din ang Broker kasi ma flood ng salespersons ang market pati yung mga hindi naka-abot ng 2nd year college ay magiging professionals na.

On October 2010, I filed my application for license without exam in PRC. Papeles ko napunta kay Chairman Ong (siyempre inabangan nila para ambushin). He red-taped my papers, on grounds and allegations of Libel. I complained in Ombudsman and nagka settle na kami, so lumabas na name ko sa Resolution 11 on June 2011.

I have been monitoring PRB-RES every now and then, I have copies of all minutes and documents related to AIPO Formation. In all these documents, you can really see that PHILRES struggled against FRESA for many months. PHILRES questioned the credibility and validity of FRESA. But PHILRES never worked on integrating the RESP; ganun din ang FRESA, they never worked on integrating the RESPs. Only IPORESP is following the RA 9646 Sec 34 to integrate the RESPs. In June 15, Chairman Ong finally recommended PHILRES to PRC, to replace FRESA (although June 1 pa lang eh gumawa na ng powerpoint si PHILRES na sila na ang AIPO, obvious ang conspiracy between PHILRES and Ong as evidenced by the presumptious Sevilla).

In October, PRC approved PHILRES as Interim APO to replace FRESA, and I did not object. In my mind, I can see that it is just another Interim APO PhilRES that hijacked IPORESP. The people behind PHILRES popularly call PHILRES as "AIPO Designate" (It made me look back to that time in the not so distant past when they used the term "Interim" to justify the empowerment of FRESA).

Pero wise si ONG, si ONG nag suggest na ang name ng PHILRES ay gawing "INSTITUTE". Tingnan mo PHILRES, walang mapaglagyan ang "Institute" dyan kasi originally Philippine Real Estate Service lang yan. Pina-insert ni ONG yang INSTITUTE DYAN para ma-hagip ng Section 6E ang PHILRES at hindi pwede makapag nominate ang PHILRES ng members sa PRB-RES, so magiging perpetual si ONG naka-upo sa PRB-RES. Wise din. Sige pagbigyan, kung hanap-buhay mo yang PRB-RES, pagbigyan para maka-kain siya.

On my part, I understand we have to keep the ball rolling in RESA Law so that registration will keep on rolling, so before we can complete the organizing of the GENUINE AIPORESP, we must have an Interim APO. I tolerate the PRC accreditation of FRESA and now PHILRES because I can settle for an Interim APO with a "lesser value" while we are still integrating the IPORESP, kesa naman wala, kasi pag walang Interim APO madedelay ang migration process from DTI to PRC. So I did not object PRC to use some sort of a dummy or interim APO. "Interim" APO means a group of "few presumptuous individuals" that DID NOT PASS the stage of INTEGRATION. We call them APO instead of AIPO because it lacks the letter "I" which means INTEGRATION. FRESA and PHILRES are Interim APO.

As of today, I already legally represent hundreds of RESPs (yes, they all signed up a consent that I will represent them in the AIPO Formation), but it is not yet the righttime to knock on the doors of PRC to get accreditation. I believe we have to wait for everyone to sign-up. I am very patient. In short, the marching order on this date is IPORESP Integration will continue. Everyone is still obliged to integrate and sign-up in IPORESP following the mandate of Section 34 RA 9646. IPORESP Formation will continue and sign-ups are coming in everyday. As of today, I represent hundreds of RESPs under the banner of IPORESP, and I still don't call ourselves worthy to get the AIPO because I believe we have to integrate everyone first. Ayoko ng may ma-iiwan. Gusto ko lahat ma-empower as individuals to influence ng RESA IRR, the Code of Ethics and Responsibilities (CodeER), and the CPE rules. I don't like oligarchy. I love democracy.

Yung FRESA, mga less than thirty lang yun sila when PRC gave them the the paper. Etong PHILRES less than twenty lang yan sila kasi meron yang silang splinter group (hindi daw nagka-intindihan sa sharing ng makakwarta, or nagka-tablahan sa usapan kaya na split yan). Ang mga people behind FRESA and PHILRES ay pare-parehong oligarchy ng mga garapata yan sa real estate service.

But I Will Not Tolerate the Bulong-Bulong Gang

Ang pangalawang klaseng mga tao behind PHILRES are the seminar providers. Mga garapata did ang mga eto. Eto ang mga pinaka-dangerous na klase na garapata kasi mga "Bulong-Bulong Gang" (BBG) ang mga eto. Tinawag ko BBG kasi yan sila bumulong sa PRB-RES na i-insert sa RESA IRR na gawing 120 hours ang seminar requirement ng salespersons.

I don't like the 120 hour requirement because it is excessive, oppressive, masyadong mahaba yang 120, thatis 15 days seminar. In my expert opinion as a real broker who operate in the grounds, ang kailangan lang ng salesperson ay mga around 16 hours of seminar para masabi ko na magkaroon na ako ng confidence na okay na yan siya i-employ as salesperson. Pero yang mga BBG na yan, talagang they were able to successfully lobby the 120 hours, so kawawa mga agents. I will not tolerate this aspect of oppression sa mga naghahanapbuhay na mga agents.

Promise ko, we will remove that particular oppressive provision in the IRR. IPORESP will later on reduce the Salesperson Seminar to 16 hours, we will do VideoSeminar, and it wil only cost P320.


In IPORESP, yes those who have not signed up yet must sign-up because integration is still ongoing in IPORESP. Membership is automatic but you have to sign-up because there are IPORESP services are exclusive only to IPORESP member. If you will not integrate, you won't be in the list.

In PHILRES, I think they already claim to have already done the integration part with only 30 or so members that they call "incumbent Presidents of associations". "Integrated" na po raw ang PHILRES, less than 30 lang sila. Ang ibig sabihin po, hindi nyo na po kailangan mag integrate pa sa PHILRES. So, tingnan nyo na lang po yung mga naghaharing uri sa stage, mga tawag ila sa sarili nila ay "incumbent presidents" of various associations. There is no need to integrate in PHILRES, tapos na po ang integration nila.

On the other hand, here in IPORESP, ongoing pa po ang integration natin. Over 500 na tayo. Continue lang po ang Integration. The momentum is doing great. We will leave no RESP behind. Bawat isa mahalaga. Gusto ko marinig ang productive comment ng bawat isa sa policy making natin on RESA IRR and Code of Ethics. Let's wait for the last goat to sign-up.


Lastly, PHILRES is not an authorized collector of IPORESP Membership Fees, because we have no membership fees. IPORESP will not refund whatever membership fee any RESP will pay to PhilRES. Sufficient warning is released and announced. IPORESP will not entertain claims of refund later on. Whatever services IPORESP will render on a user-fee basis later-on, you can't use the money you put into PHILRES as basis of discount.

Yang PHILRES, maniningil talaga yan ng membership fee kasi yan ang pangunahing hanap-buhay ng mga tao behind PHILRES. Mga Incumbent Presidents yan ng mga Associations na ang pangunahing source of income eh membership fee ng mga members nila. Ang sa akin lang, before you pay any membership fee, papirmahin nyo sila ng commitment kung ano mai-babalik nila na services na mapakinabangan ninyo builang member. Sa pagkaka-alam ko sa ngayon, nangongolekta na ang PhilRES kahit wala pang programa, kahit noon pa na wala pa silang papeles as APO nangolekta na yan sila (kasi nga they have to eat). I will tolerate that for humanitarian reason because somehow, the garapata has to survive also.


Also, if you become officer of PHILRES, you will also not be able to automatically carry that position to IPORESP. If you want to be officer in IPORESP, there is a procedure in the official IPORESP website at http://iporesp.org. I hope this is clear.


Fallacy po yang pinag-pipili nila kayo ng PHILRES or IPORESP. Minsan sinasabi nila you have to make a choice between PHILRES versus IPORESP. Huwag po kayo kumagat dyan sa fallacy na yan kasi pwede po mag sign-up sa dalawa. Pwede kayo mag sign-up sa PHILRES at the same time pwede rin sa IPORESP. Guaranteed yang pag allow ng dual membership, the Section 34 ng RA 9646 says, "...Membership in the AIPORESP shall not be a bar to membership in other association of real estate service practitioners."

Merong FEE ang PhilRES, ang first knee-jerk na binalak nila noon ay P10,000 per head, then when I started scandalizing them they reduced it to P500, ewan ko lang kung magkano na ngayon na meron na silang papel na katulad kay FRESA. So pag mag join ka ng PhilRES, magbabayad ka. Ang tanong lang ehh ano ba makukuha mong benefit sa PHILRES? Ang sagot dyan ehhh meron naman pero hindi natin alam kung ano. On the other side, sa IPORESP, klaro ang pakinabang ng sign-up mo, mababasa mo dyan sa itaas I already enumerated it, and kung meron kang tanong on plans and programs ng IPORESP, just post it in the IPORESP Facebook Group. Tandaan lang palagi, libre naman ang membership fee sa IPORESP.


I am the author, copyright owner, and servicemark owner of the REALTER and RLTR Title that will exclusively be used by the Realter Society. You cannot use the Rltr title if you wil not sign-up into Realter Society. In the Philippine case, I do require that all Realter Society applicants must have signed-up with IPORESP.

In short, kung Pilipino ka and kung gusto mo gumamit ng Rltr title, you have to sign up in IPORESP and then in Realter Society.

Yang Rltr title na abbreviation ng REALTER, fancy title lang yan, it is just a cute fad, parang "Realtor" sa America, hindi ka obligado gumamit nyan. So, pag ayaw mo, okay lang yan makaka function ka pa rin as real estate practitioner.

Noong araw since 1930s, lahat na tao sa buong mundo na gumagamit ng Realtor title ay nakwakwartahan ng National Realtor Association ng America. Colonial yang title na yan.

So I prayed to God. One night God just whispered to me in my dream that it's gonna be Realter (Rltr). So I registered Realter in the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) because it's never been registered before anywhere in the world. The British offered me an official place of business in UK if I will register it in UK. But I prefer to register it here in Philippines, okay lang kasi global naman ang scope ng Philippine IPO. Everyone in the whole world, including the Realtors of America, will be paying me in Philippines if they want to use Rltr title. So, you should be proud to be a Filipino and a Rltr title user.

If you neither like to use Rltr, nor Realter, you still have many other choices such as CRB and Realtor as a professional title. CRB (which means Certified Real Estate Broker) is being used by members of REBAP. REALTOR is being used by members of NAR U.S.A.

Pag malampasan na ng PHILRES ang IPORESP ng Facebook Membership, alarming na yan kasi mas malaki na ang garapata kesa sa sinisipsip nitong kalabaw.


The Anniversary date of IPORESP is 29 June 2009, the date when RESA Law was approved. Who is the founder of IPORESP? No one. RESA Law is the father, mother, and founder of IPORESP.


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